XX Weeks and Counting
9th October 2015

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Time is starting to fly by fast. A little too fast for my liking. The first three months of this pregnancy seemed really slow and now I’m 5 months pregnant (18 weeks 3 days and counting). By the time you know it, it’s Christmas (my sister-in-law’s baby is also due in and around Christmas time) which means I would be in my last stretch of pregnancy and be due 2-3 months later. It’s scary.

18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant

That’s me at 18 weeks! Belly is growing!!

I’m JUST finally get used to the feeling of being pregnant. Meaning … I’ve embraced the weight gain, the constant growing of my belly, the fluttering and movement of this human being inside me, understanding the responsibilities of being a first-time-mother and having to prepare for it; the main idea of that I AM GOING TO BE A MOTHER. I have finally taken it all in and time is going so fast that I don’t want to feel overwhelmed but at the same time, I’m so excited to finally meet this little love of my life. It’s a continuous range of emotions every time I see myself in the mirror or every time I feel my baby move in my belly. All I can do is breathe and smile and feel grateful.

I’ve been going through a case of “pregnancy brain” though. It’s kind of hilarious. Luckily it’s nothing serious. Just stupid little things that I do. For example, how many times now have I put the olive oil in the fridge and putting the milk in the pantry. Or at work, I keep forgetting what I keep going downstairs for and I have to end up going up and down the stairs or using the elevator 6 times in a span of 15 minutes (it was to just grab an envelope by the way). I just keep forgetting everything which is my husband hasn’t been asking me to do him any favours because he knows I am just going to forget. It’s exhausting.

As for food … I am ALWAYS hungry!! Then I overeat and get so bloated. So I don’t know if my big belly is because of the growing baby or that I am just getting fat. Regardless, this growing belly is making me lose my center of gravity. I always have to waddle now because I’m still trying to figure out the proper way to walk without hurting my back so much and not putting so much pressure on my legs because I’m starting to get leg cramps every night. Plus, I am always out of breath. I HATE WALKING UP STAIRS!! I get winded just going up one flight of stairs. I secretly have been nagging my husband to bring the futon to his mancave downstairs so that I sometimes won’t even have to go upstairs at all and just chill in his mancave HAHHA. There’s a TV down there, so I’m good. I can just get my husband to grab me food once in a while HAHAHA. Poor guy. He’s been so patient with me. Love you baby!

So in short, pregancy so far … excited, tiring, exhausting, scary and kind of funny.

AND BEFORE I FORGET … HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Us Canadians get Thanksgiving in October just in case you are confused.


5th May 2014

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My fiance and I had the most wonderful day ever on Saturday.  We called it our EPIC CHEAT MEAL DAY.  Since we have been doing so good on our meals and our healthy eating, we have decided to dedicate ONE DAY every month to eat whatever we want.  It’s our cheat meal day!!  We were so excited that we had been talking about it for days on what we should eat for our special cheat meal day.

First we went to IHOP.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to take any pictures but it was a pretty typical breakfast morning kind of food like eggs, french toast, sausages, pancakes, hash browns and the like.  We had just come from the gym too at 8am and starving so the timing to have IHOP AFTER the gym just made it even more incredible.

SECOND … We heard about this place called “The Score on Davie”.  It was featured in the newspaper and I saw a few of my facebook friends try it and wow it looked incredible.  So we decided to try it because the food looked monstrous.  We figured it would be an amazing way to celebrate our cheat meal.  And boy it was!!

The Checkmate!!Look at how big that is!

This is what this huge thing (Called the Checkmate) came with:
6 Onion Rings
Pulled Pork and Macaroni Cheese Hot Dog with Barbeque Sauce
1 Full Slow Roasted Cornish Hen
1 Big Cheeseburger (pretty thick patty too!!)
1 Siracha Slider
1 Chocolate Fudge Moist Brownie (the best brownie I have ever tasted)
6 Spicy Hot Chicken Wings
1 HUGE HUGE glass of Caesar

All this was $60 and it was their ultimate special meal. When we said we wanted the “Checkmate”, the girl was like, “OHHHHH” and was surprised because it was just the two of us. Little did they know how epic this was for the two of us. Every waiter and waitress kept coming up and congratulating us on our awesome meal. One waitress said that no couple ever finishes it, usually at least 4 people can finish it. The bartender said though, however, that it was the fastest they have ever seen anyone eat the Checkmate LOL!!! I guess we were hungry!!! It was an amazing meal. It was a nice bar too. My fiance even bought a shirt from there because their logo was really really cool.


Having fun on our date!My fiance having a good time

Third place we went to was FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES!! You would think we were done after the Score on Davie but nope!! 3 hours later, we were hungry again!! So we drove all the way to Langley because that was the closest 5 guys to us and each had a burger and fries!!


Enjoying is 5 guys burger!!!

I was really starting to really feel it by the end of this meal. I was ready to tap out with all the food. I barely even got to eat any of my fries and just wanted to make sure I didn’t waste the burger hahaha. My fiance was having a fun time though. It’s been so long since he’s eaten like this. Like I said before in older posts, this guy is one of the most dedicated guys I have ever met when it comes to his food plans. He’s very scheduled, very calculated and very conscious. So to see him go nuts was really awesome!!

Last but not least … MARBLE SLAB and CREAMERY for some ice cream!! Herbie had a big cone of Vanilla Raspberry Cheesecake mix ice cream. I just had a small cup of Vanilla Yogurt, which I was not even close to finishing because I couldn’t intake anymore food. I was done. I think I only ate about a quarter of the cup and if I had eaten anymore, I would have puked LOL.

After that night though of amazing food and fun times with my fiance, I have realized that I think I’m done with eating that much food now. I’m actually looking forward to going back to my planned and portioned meals. It was fun for one day but I think that one day will last me for a while LOL. To think though … we used to eat like that everyday back in the day when we were super fat. Now I can’t even imagine eating like that now everyday. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. I guess once you get into the groove of things when it comes to diet and exercise, things change.

It was a great day though. My fiance and I thought it was one of the most memorable days we have had so far in a very very long time!


Bulk Meals, Here I Come!
29th April 2014

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It’s hilarious how the more determined you are to do something, the more things can go wrong.  For example, I have been set to finally get my ass in gear with this whole working out and losing weight thing.  Went to the gym every morning and then BAM!  On saturday morning at the gym, I sprained my wrist.

I didn’t even feel it at first.  I was bench pressing with a free bar and realized that the 35 pounds was too heavy at first.  When I set the bar down, the left side dipped first and I kinda contorted my wrist a bit.  It didn’t hurt though.  I continued on to a 30-pound bar and kept working out for the rest of my morning.  It wasn’t until the ride home that I realized it was starting to ache.  When I couldn’t lift my gym bag, then I knew something was wrong.  So my left hand was pretty much immobilized for the rest of the weekend.

Yup.  That’s me this week, chicken typing at work because it’s hard to rotate my wrist.  It’s a lot better today but I still have to massage and wrap it for another couple of days just to be safe.  So much for weight training this week.  Just pure cardio now and for those who know me … I HATE CARDIO.

To help me out a bit more with my weight loss goals, I am following in my fiance’s footsteps in eating healthy.  Every week we “bulk” cook meaning, we make a crapload of food that’s part of his food plan and just portion everything out into his 8-12 tupperwares.  That way he knows exactly what to eat for each meal for the next 2 weeks.  I started my own bulk meals last night and I am pretty happy with myself.  I cooked myself A LOT of this lean ground beef stir fry with veggies.  I have about 6 tupperwares right now in the fridge of 1 cup rice and 1 cup of the stir fry each.  I will be eating that every day for lunch for the rest of the week.  It has everything I need – my carbs, my protein and my allocated amount of fats.  I am set!!!  For dinner, I am making a chicken ranch BLT salad for the rest of the week too.  According to “MYFITNESS PAL” app,  I am within my range of ALL my macros and I should be at about 127 pounds in 5 weeks if I keep up my meal plan and my 5 day exercise of cardio.  Not too shabby!!!  If I can get to my goal weight in 2 months, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!!  Fitting into that wedding dress will feel so damn good!!  Man, I haven’t been this excited about my weight stuff in a very long time.  It honestly just takes time and dedication.  If my fiance can do it, I know I can.  He’s my hero when it comes to weight loss.  For him to lose 50 pounds and then get ripped/shredded in less than a year is just mind blowing.  He’s come a very long way.  We still laugh so hard when he look at old pictures of him.  As weird as it sounds … I want that again LOL.  I want to go back to how I was exactly this time last year!!  I remember even posting a before and after picture of myself on this blog!!  We will see … in a couple of months there might be a chance of me posting another one!!  Hopefully it works!



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