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3rd November 2016

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Well hello there November. October, you were so much fun with all the great “first” experiences for my son but I have to say I have been looking forward to November.


Okay it’s not November so much as it’s officially the holidays! I am seriously itching to decorate the house in Christmas decorations. Of course though, not until AFTER November 11, because of Remembrance Day. LEST WE FORGET. Have to show respect.

I want to finally deck out our place for the holidays especially now. I love this new place of ours and we deserve to finally feel the joys of Christmas. I can’t wait to go out shopping with baby G and Hubby in search of the perfect decor.  Hubby wgot his wish this year and bought a pencil tree.  it’s his dream tree. I have never seen him so excited. He says I can decorate however I want though so I’m trying to get some ideas and decide on what colour scheme to do.


I am trying to figure out what to do for baby G’s christening. I have seriously procrastinated on it and now I think it’s too late to do it this year. But … I talked with Hubby about it and I am deciding o keep it simple and just have  family dinner at our house for it rather than have the typical big party.  It is a religious family thing anyway so I think it’s better to keep it that way.  We will save his BIG HUGE ASS PARTY for his birthday! That, I think people will appreciate more outside of a religious thing.

Speaking of birthdays, it will be my nephew/God son’s 1st birthday next month!! Thats another thing I am looking forward to and I am really really trying to look for a great birthday gift but it’s hard!! 


I have to add exercise and better diet to my to-do list. I am gaining even MORE weight and it’s already depressing enough that I can’t get rid of my pregnancy weight. I have been lazy and became a bit of a hermit for a little while because of the cold and rainy days lately so my activity level was low. During the summer I would be out every day with Baby G cruising the malls and doing grocery shopping and we would be out for hours! Now not so much. so even if the weather is shit  outside,I still should be able to do some exercising inside even it means only doing 5 push up if Baby G’s naps are super short. SOMETHING!! I’m tired of being fat again!! I miss my old body!


Baby G as Pikachu For Halloween


2nd December 2015

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Chubby Peggy Me

There I am! As of current … I have definitely gained some weight (boo). My nose has gotten bigger. I was assured that this “big nose syndrome” (AS I WOULD LIKE TO CALL IT), is a normal thing and will return back to normal once I give birth (IT BETTER *shakes fist*). I feel like a whale but I make do with what I have LOL. I have actually been putting makeup on again to feel slightly decent HAHAHA. Just figured I’d put this up here as a little thing for me to look back on in the future. Or if/when I decide to have another child, I can look at this picture and prepare myself mentally that I would look like this again. LMAO.

So I have been trying to keep myself busy to stray away from being super lazy. Let’s face it, once I get lazy and set my ass on the couch, that’s it. I’m done. I ain’t doing shit all. It’s not a good thing since I already am having bad tailbone pain from the pressure of the growing baby and the weight gain. Plus, any type of moving around is a form of exercise for me which I really need. Since it’s winter, it’s hard to go out for a nice walk around the park and get my 30 minute exercise with all the icy pavements. Don’t want to have a spill now do we? Especially being almost 7 months pregnant. I’m already clumsy enough as it is.

So what have I been doing? Been doing a lot of cooking and preparing. I’m trying to make some easy meals here and there so that I don’t overwork myself and also at the same time preparing meals that can be frozen so that I’m prepared for when the baby comes. I’m sure in the first couple or so months, I’m not going to have much time OR energy to cook elaborate meals for my husband and I. Nor do I want to spend so much money on take-out food so I prepared freezable meals! So far I’ve made shepherd’s pie, pancake stacks, pancake muffins, baked macaroni, tuna casserole, chicken pot pie muffins and breakfast burritos! Of course, my husband still likes to eat everything so I have to make more LOL.

Sweet Chili Spinach Chicken QuesadillaChicken Pot Pie Muffins

My favourite quick meal is the Sweet Chili Spinach Chicken Quesadilla. I just premake everything, keep it in a Tupperware and bake it anytime I want in a tortilla!! I have this obsession with chicken and cheese right now so it’s a good combo for me. Plus, I’m really really trying hard to eat veggies to keep baby boy healthy, so I add the spinach in there and I actually like it!

One of my husband’s favourite is the Chicken Pot Pie Muffins! It’s exactly like how it’s called (you can see from the pics). He loves them because I made about 24 of them so far and it’s frozen in the freezer but everytime he wants one, he just pops it in the microwave and … VOILA! Nice and soft and moist.

My favourite frozen snack is the Pancake Muffins (with chocolate chips!). These go really really fast. I have to make more actually. I make them in different sizes too. The mini muffins and regular sized muffins. I freeze these as well and just pop them in the microwave everytime I want to eat one. They pretty much taste like pancakes but in muffin form! So it’s actually kinda nice when you dip them in syrup!

So I’m always willing to try more recipes. All trial and error really but my husband is absolutely LOVING it. He says I’ll be the best mom ever or our kid will get really fat because of all the good food. I’m glad he loves my cooking. Makes me feel special because I’ve always been fond of cooking and I love the idea of being able to feed my family good tasting food just like my mom did with us. I still miss my mom’s cooking from time to time. I might have to do a couple of requests soon just so I can feel the love again LOL.

I miss my mom.


XX Weeks and Counting
9th October 2015

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Time is starting to fly by fast. A little too fast for my liking. The first three months of this pregnancy seemed really slow and now I’m 5 months pregnant (18 weeks 3 days and counting). By the time you know it, it’s Christmas (my sister-in-law’s baby is also due in and around Christmas time) which means I would be in my last stretch of pregnancy and be due 2-3 months later. It’s scary.

18 weeks pregnant

18 weeks pregnant

That’s me at 18 weeks! Belly is growing!!

I’m JUST finally get used to the feeling of being pregnant. Meaning … I’ve embraced the weight gain, the constant growing of my belly, the fluttering and movement of this human being inside me, understanding the responsibilities of being a first-time-mother and having to prepare for it; the main idea of that I AM GOING TO BE A MOTHER. I have finally taken it all in and time is going so fast that I don’t want to feel overwhelmed but at the same time, I’m so excited to finally meet this little love of my life. It’s a continuous range of emotions every time I see myself in the mirror or every time I feel my baby move in my belly. All I can do is breathe and smile and feel grateful.

I’ve been going through a case of “pregnancy brain” though. It’s kind of hilarious. Luckily it’s nothing serious. Just stupid little things that I do. For example, how many times now have I put the olive oil in the fridge and putting the milk in the pantry. Or at work, I keep forgetting what I keep going downstairs for and I have to end up going up and down the stairs or using the elevator 6 times in a span of 15 minutes (it was to just grab an envelope by the way). I just keep forgetting everything which is my husband hasn’t been asking me to do him any favours because he knows I am just going to forget. It’s exhausting.

As for food … I am ALWAYS hungry!! Then I overeat and get so bloated. So I don’t know if my big belly is because of the growing baby or that I am just getting fat. Regardless, this growing belly is making me lose my center of gravity. I always have to waddle now because I’m still trying to figure out the proper way to walk without hurting my back so much and not putting so much pressure on my legs because I’m starting to get leg cramps every night. Plus, I am always out of breath. I HATE WALKING UP STAIRS!! I get winded just going up one flight of stairs. I secretly have been nagging my husband to bring the futon to his mancave downstairs so that I sometimes won’t even have to go upstairs at all and just chill in his mancave HAHHA. There’s a TV down there, so I’m good. I can just get my husband to grab me food once in a while HAHAHA. Poor guy. He’s been so patient with me. Love you baby!

So in short, pregancy so far … excited, tiring, exhausting, scary and kind of funny.

AND BEFORE I FORGET … HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Us Canadians get Thanksgiving in October just in case you are confused.


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