32 Onwards
19th June 2017

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I am officially 32 as of June 16, 2017.  Another year older, another year of life which I am greatful for.  It was a fun weekend hanging out with family and friends.  It was our very first barbeque in this new home of ours and I love it.  My husband got the cutest little barbeque too.  It suits perfectly in our little balcony and it’s perfect for the two of us because it’s really small but yet it still managed to cook for more than 6 people so this little barbeque is quite remarkable!

I love barbeques and it always floods me with great memories.  One of my fondest memories that involved my birthday and having a barbeque was a few years ago.  I arranged a big BBQ at Jericho park with all my friends; we had burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings … We then played some Ultimate Frisbee which was sooooo great!!  It was the perfect weather and we were all just laughing hysterically as we all tried to compete with one another.  I remember Mr. L just diving towards the grass trying to grab the Frisbee but it ended up perfectly smack dab on his forehead.  I remember trying to take a group photo but there was always someone missing or not looking at the camera.  I remember all of us just laughing and laughing and eating and eating until the breeze started blowing cold and it was time to go home even though we all really didn’t want to.  Until this day, all my friends say that was one of the best days they remember in the summer too and that we should have another day like that.

My have the days changed though.  If we were to have another day like that it will be different.  Why? Because our lives have changed.  Most of us have children now.  There’s nothing wrong with that! For me, there’s new memories to look forward to because I’m excited to see the kids have the chance to play their games and laugh and laugh as all us adults watch and laugh with them.  My best memories of barbeques is the concept of all of being together in one place, enjoying the day; the moment.  One big happy family regardless of the number of adults and children.  As long as we are all together having the best times of our lives, that is all I could ask for.

So bring it on 32.  Bring on more days of joy and life.


Almost 30
28th May 2015

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Wow. Almost the end of May and it’s almost June!! 19 more days until my birthday! I’m turning the big 3-0. I’m somewhat indifferent about it. As much as I say “age ain’t nothing but a number”, it’s still hard to believe sometimes that I’m going to be 30. At least I don’t look 30 LOL. People still think I’m 25 but that’s Asian genes for you. If you think I look young, you should see my Mom. That lady does not look like she could be close to 60. She gets carded at the casino because they think she has a fake senior’s discount card. Oh life. I guess I got my mother’s genes (well I guess my dad too – he looks very young for his age as well) and it doesn’t help that I pretty could look my mom’s twin. Everyone thinks I’m her younger sister for the most part. Kudos to my mom for that. I love my mom.

Anyways, I don’t feel any different being close to 30. Of course, there’s the joke that you start to feel like an old person once you are past 25. I agree with that LOL. I mean, I can’t stay up at late anymore. I think just last year, I was up until 4am one night and I have to say … I just can’t see myself doing that ever again. I just don’t have the energy for that kind of thing anymore. It is crazy to think though that back in my early twenties, staying up til 2am/4am was NOTHING. I could do it every weekend no problem and still have energy to do many other things. It really shows that aging really does change your lifestyle habits no matter how good you feel or how you think nothing has changed you. Yes, I admit now to the more occurring back aches, fatigue, “can’t stay up past 11pm” syndrome.

My mom always said to me, “you think you can handle things now like smoking and staying up until the very late hours but you wait. Once you hit a certain older age, it will come back to haunt you. You will start to feel everything you did to your body back in the day like it’s revenging on you”.

Well played, Mom.

I am looking forward to my birthday though. I haven’t planned anything special. As I got older, celebrating my birthday with big parties and such hasn’t interested me much. I was always happy to just call up my closest friends and have an intimate dinner at a restaurant somewhere which I might just do this time around again. I know my husband is going to be taking me out to this restaurant in the States that I have been wanting to try for a while now. His family might come along too since his mom’s birthday is the day before mine so it will be fun!!!


75 Days Left
16th June 2014

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There are 75 days until our wedding. It’s a little scary but very very very exciting!! In 2 1/2 months, I will be finally be at my own wedding that I have been trying to plan for the past year and a half and BE MARRIED!!! It’s a bit surreal to me right now and I think it’s just starting to hit me now.

Speaking of wedding, we finally had our engagement photos done! It was really a lot of fun. Suzzie (from Suzzie Harding Photography) was super nice and very good at what she does. Most of the time, we were all laughing and she accepted our challenge of making my fiance smile because he has a tendency to do the “Chandler smile”. She did an incredible job and I am sooooo happy with our photos!! Below are the teasers she gave us until we get the full disc with all our photos she did and edited for us.

On a completely different note, today is my birthday!! My 29th birthday to be exact. It’s going to be my last year in my 20’s! It’s weird to say I’m 29. Some people don’t even believe I am 29. People still think I am 19 or 25 LOL. I guess looking young for my age is a good thing for the future when I’m older! I celebrated my birthday on the weekend since my actual birthday had to fall on a Monday (boo). We never ended up having the BBQ because the weather was such crap (but low and behold the next day was beautiful … go figure). We had some all-you-can-eat Japanese food with my closest friends instead and then a night of KAREOKE!!! It was pretty fun. Everyone was singing and having a good time laughing and laughing and laughing!! Tonight though, my fiance is taking me out to dinner to my favourite Greek restaurant so I’m really excited for that!! It just sucks that I still had to work today because I am sooooo busy this week with work that I could not afford to take a day off.

Better get back to work!!


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