Already thinking about Xmas.
29th October 2013

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Work has been crazy that it has been stressing me out and normally I don’t get too stressed out at work. I think I’m starting to bite more than I can chew but I think it’s a normal feeling around this time because it is YEAR-END. The dreaded YEAR-END. A lot of changes are going to be happening and I guess that’s why everyone is on edge and you, yourself have to walk on tip-toes to make sure you don’t set off any land mines. I guess it’s better that I deal with year end stuff now rather than having our company have our fiscal year end in December. Imagine the stress during Christmas time to deal with? No thanks. Christmas is a stress all on it’s own, I don’t need to add work shit to that pile too.

Speaking of which, apparently we have to work the week of Christmas (other than Xmas Eve and XMas obviously, that would be just cruel) and I might have to work BOXING DAY!! I’m sure it’s only going to be half day but C’MON!! That’s still how many hours of my day gone when I could be shopping or better yet … sleeping in recovering from food coma. One of the girls at work has been trying to plead with the company by showing reports that over the past 5 years, NO ONE EVER CALLS on the 26th of December and we should just get the day off. But they are not budging, saying, “Yeah and watch … This will be the year that we actually get a service call” …. Sigh. Anyways, Niki, Jenika and I are trying to make the most of it. If we have to come to work but there’s nothing to do then we will make the best time out of it. We are going set-up the projector, bring in a white sheet and watch movies on the big wall space we have in the office! We will expense some crazy take-out food and freaking come in in our most comfiest clothes possible!! I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t even know yet though if I have to come in. It seems I am the only person who has not been approached yet about what my schedule would be like this holiday. I guess it’s because I’m in a different department than the rest of the people here because well … pretty much I am MY OWN department. I wonder if I can have a few days off then? That would be nice!

I have been procrastinating with stuff at home by catching up on my anime BLEACH. I was wayyyyyyyy behind on this show but it is one of my favourite shows regardless. What I didn’t know until recently is that this show is over!! NO MORE EPISODES BOO HOO. So I stayed up watching until the very last episode and I am soooo disappointed. There is so much more I want to know and curious about that I can’t believe they just ended it like that!! Now I’m resorted to reading the manga ahahahhaha. Talk about an anime withdrawal. Hope they bring it back! If they can do it with Inuyasha I’m sure they can do it with Bleach. Speaking of … any recommendations out there for good anime? I might as well get absorbed into another anime since my beloved Bleach is gone … 🙁


Scratch off the Bucket List!
24th October 2013

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One nice thing has occurred to me over the past few days that I am very excited about. One of my bosses came to me last week asking me if I could design a tattoo for his brother. His brother is visiting from up north to get his very first tattoo done here in Vancouver and was looking for a design. Since word got around the office that I love to draw and they are a fan of my artwork, my boss got wind of it and asked me to draw his brother something! He showed me pictures of what his brother wanted and I got started on it. It’s not a difficult piece so I decided why not? I got my first draft done last night and sent it over to my boss. His brother actually came today and gave me his thoughts about it and loved it!! I just have to do some minor changes and he’s getting it done tomorrow!!

This excites me because one of the items on my bucket list is that I design someone a tattoo and they actually get it done!! So I get to scratch one off my bucket list! Yay!! It’s a feeling of accomplishment as an artist. To have my design on someone for the rest of their life is mind boggling. It’s exciting. Then … one of my other co-workers came to me and she said her husband is wanting me to design him something too!!! He asked if I could do it because he was a fan of my artwork that I did for them on their wedding. They paid me to come to their reception venue and draw on these 2 HUGE blackboards so that it will look nice and full and not just 2 empty blackboard and become an eyesore on their wedding day. So now, he’s willing to pay me to design him a tattoo!!! I’m soooo excited!! These are just some of my goals as an artist and it’s a great feeling knowing that people actually like what I do!!

I just want to say, thank you guys for giving me such a great response to my last post about my weight loss. Thank you for the nice comments and it actually helps keep me motivated to keep going. I just hope it motivated you guys too because the point of that post was to actually show people that losing weight can be possible and whatever struggles you have can be overcome! Thank you guys again! You guys are awesome!


Throwback Thursday – Weight
17th October 2013

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[SIDE] Before I forget — I just want to say … HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! LOVE YOU!! [/SIDE]

Left: 2011 | Right: Current

Here is my story on my weight issues and weight has always been a very sensitive subject for me because I have been through a lot with it.

I started as a skinny kid but when I hit about 10, I plumped and I didn’t know why. I got made fun of, yes. I even had an aunt sadly tell me to stop going to the fridge or else I’ll never have a boyfriend (she even told me once that I would never have a boyfriend because of my weight). Once I hit highschool, I dropped the weight. Lost “baby fat” I guess you could call it. I started gaining weight again by the time I was 16. It was always fluctuating for a few years until I hit college.

THIS WAS MY PRIME TIME. I was maybe about 120 pounds, wore size 2 jeans, wore XS shirts, I was active, I was social, I had confidence. It was also around this time I met my fiance. Looking back at old pictures of when we just started dating … Wow … I was tiny and always told myself that I would NEVER EVER get back to that again. Little did I know that I could at least come close.

As the years went on, weight was creeping up on me. I didn’t know why. Was I getting to comfortable? Was I getting lazy? Could be a number of things but it was escalating and it was escalating quick. By the end of 2011, I was managed to get myself up to almost 153 pounds. Mind you I’m a short little Asian thing. I was pretty big for my height and size. None of my original clothes fit (even the bigger sized ones). The only things that fit were sweatpants and the oversized shirts I would wear to sleep. I had to go shopping for bigger clothes or borrow them from my mom. I admit … I even had to wear a few maternity clothes because they were the only things that would fit at the time. It was horrifying to me to see myself buy pants that were 6x my original size. I had to buy Size 12 pants (and they were still SNUG because I would force myself into them due to denial of fitting into something bigger). What had happened to me? I still couldn’t figure it out how I managed to let myself go that badly. Read the rest of this entry »


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