The Start of Things
19th November 2013

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Sorry for the lack of blogging. Life has been a little crazy in my work world. I’m still not finished this whole year-end thing and it’s driving me a little crazy. I’m hoping all of it will be done this week so that it can finally be done and over with. Well … at least that part of it. I still have a lot of work ahead of me because since we are moving new systems, I was told things are going to be starting from scratch so I might have a lot of catching up to do for the month of November since NOTHING in November of my work has been entered at all. Sigh … oh well … just as long as year-end is done because that’s what’s making me nervous most of all.

Some good news … I WON A FREE ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION on facebook! I am soooo excited!! I usually never win anything. I’m never that lucky. It’s a pleasant surprise considering I have been stressing out a lot about my wedding. If all goes well, the lady photographer might also end up being our photographer for our wedding which is a load off because her prices are pretty decent and I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a photographer. A VIDEOGRAPHER on the other hand … hmmmm … that’s a different story. They are going to be expensive but we will see. I do kind of have one in mind.
Also … I FINALLY booked an appointment with the potential venue that I have been wanting for a while (the same venue that’s not open to tours on weekends) for next Friday. I finally braved it out and made an appointment. All I need to do is somehow ask my bosses if I can take that day off. I’m still on the hunt for other venues so that I can make appointments on the same day. Might as well make use of that day off and just do “wedding stuff”.

It’s like I really do have fire lit under my ass because one of my old childhood friends is getting married a couple of weeks before me and she already has everything almost done! She was already asking me for my address so that she could send me her invitations. She told me all she needs to do is decor and flowers … All I could say was, “ALREADY??!?!” Holy shit. She got her shit down together. I have nothing. I wanted to send save-the-dates in December but I don’t think that’s happening. Until I get the venue and the church set, then I will be able to breathe a little better. I hope all goes well next Friday because if this place is as good as I hope it is … then I will be having a venue for my reception!! YAY!!!! Then next would be the church and I hope that’s easy to get. I just know that Herbie and I have to go though some marital course thing in order to be able to get married in the church. I hope this “course” isn’t too difficult. It’s just going to be strange talking about certain things with the priest because OBVIOUSLY, there might be some thing they won’t like too much like how we are already living together and all that. I’m sure it’s not so bad. HAHAHA.

Start of Christmas Decor

Start of Christmas Decor

Another piece of enlightning news … I HAVE ALREADY STARTED HOLIDAY DECORATING!!! I finally put up my Christmas tree!! I still need to put up the lights and stuff on it but I’m so excited! I put up these snowman decals on the walls too (take a look at the pic). I made my own wreath which was wayyyyy cheaper than actually buying once since they are ridiculously expensive. Mine was only about $10 while the ones at Walmart are like $20. I just bought a plain wreath for $2 and these cute clip on decorations for $1.96 each. It’s cute! It’s my first wreath! It’s nice to finally be able to decorate the place. Last November was when we first JUST moved in so I didn’t have much time to enjoy decorating since most of the time was unpacking and making sure the place looked decent for Christmas dinner. Now I can finally make it feel like Christmas.

I apologize in advance if upcoming posts will be mostly about the wedding and work. That’s kind of what my life is revolving around right now and I guess blogging about it is my way of de-stressing about it all. Hope you all are having a good week!


Realization has set in … Time Crunch!
8th November 2013

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My parents are finally back from the Philippines and wow they brought me a lot of goodies ahaha. There was one whole suitcase just for me! Let’s just say I won’t have to go shopping for clothes for a while since my mom bought a whole bunch of really cute tops and blouses! It really helps because it’s all stuff I can wear for work since I don’t really have too much nice “office wear” clothing. That’s the downside of having to dress up a bit more now working in an office, you stress about what to wear for work, ESPECIALLY when you know you have some kind of important meeting and you need to look your best since you are “representing” the company. Now … I have nice office clothes! I could still need some more pants and skirts though LOL.

The other half of the suit case dedicated to me was my wedding stuff!! She practically bought me most of the things I need! She already bought my wedding veil! It’s super long though. I told her I didn’t want it super long at all but she bought it anyway and it’s about 5 yards long. I just don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t really like it but oh well. It beats me spending another $100 on just a wedding veil. I’m sure I can make it work. I wouldn’t be wearing it for that long anyway. I would only be wearing it during the wedding ceremony and a bit for the photos. But now that I think of it … it might be PERFECT for a certain photo that I want. I saw a photo on pinterest where the bride and groom were sitting on a field with the veil over both of them as the wind is blowing and it looked incredibly romantic. So … maybe that veil must just work!!!

My wedding favour!She also bought me the traditional Filipino cord and veil for the ceremony as well, my ring bearer pillows, my wedding shoes (I already bought my own but she insisted I wear these ones LOL), and what I got really excited about … my wedding favours!!!!!! They are super cute! It has my cherry blossoms on it and our names on it!! That really hit me hard seeing our names on it because it’s starting to become real that I’m getting married. Now I’m starting to feel the pressure because I still haven’t found a venue yet and have barely started on any of the actual “planning”. If we are to get married next August, I should be really starting now because I was planning on sending “save the dates” in December but I don’t think that’s happening quite yet. I’m starting to stress out a lot about it. What annoys me is that the venue I want is not open on weekends so I can only make an appointment with them on weekdays … Seriously … what that the hell is that about? They should know that people who plan events like these are mostly likely available on weekends because they have jobs and they have lives during the weekdays so it makes NO SENSE TO ME WHATSOEVER as to why they CLOSED ON WEEKENDS!!! The problem is, my year-end deadline is next Friday so I won’t be able to make an appointment until the week AFTER which delays it even more … Not only that but I have to figure out a way to be able to leave early to take a day off from work to figure shit out. Time is crunching away and I’m feeling stressed. UGH.


1st November 2013

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I feel like I’m not blogging as much as I should be considering I have been wanting to blog a lot. Work has just been hectic and very stressful! Year-end is a bitch and I knew it was always the case but since this is my first real hands-on experience with it, I have to say I now truly understand why people dread year-end. It’s been non-stop work over the last couple of week and I guarantee it’s going to be another month (at least) of this hardcore work. Not only is it year-end but we are also switching over accounting systems so that’s more work involved to make sure everything matches and nothing is missing. We have to figure out new processes or change processes entirely for practically everything.

Having to sit in about 10 meetings in the last 2 weeks, I still have no clue what my workload is going to be like when we officially start the new system. It seems like the data-entry part might be easier for me since I don’t have to do much of it but apparently I have do more analyzing and reporting since one of the bosses wants particular things that the new system cannot offer. So … I don’t have to type as much but more brain-work and actual calculating and work is going to start taking up a lot of my time. Is that a good thing? I won’t know yet until we start. I guess I am happy that I won’t have to enter thousands of invoices everyday but I don’t know how difficult or how much more work this analytic portion of my workload would be. I’m a little scared of it to be honest.

A new portion of my work is going to be collections. Apparently, starting now, I have to start actually calling and harassing people for people who are late on their payments. Seems kinda fun I say. I just don’t know if I have the balls to really go gung-ho on it though since it’s hard for me to be a hard-ass. LOL. My bosses said that I have to be confident and actually be a “hard-ass” (they actually said that to me) so that the company can get paid and of course our financial statements will look better. Understandable. Luckily I have one of the girls to help me out with this so maybe she can do the calling because she’s a lot tougher than me LOL (if need be).

So a lot of new changes at work. How much MORE work everything is going to be is the question and I’m a little nervous about it. I’m finally JUST starting to get the hang of things and then they decide to start changing things around but that’s the nature of a workplace I guess. At least this way, I’m taking all this in as new experience. If I am going to be an accountant for a very long time and actually considering this my career, then it’s good to be able to experience all of this and have it all under my belt. It’s nice to feel like I’ve accomplished things career-wise since I’m an adult now and have a “career”.

LOL. Being an adult sucks hahahahha. I miss those days of being a kid and the only thing I would worry about is getting that new barbie I saw at Toys R Us. None of this stress about finding a job so you can get paid and the reason to get paid is to pay bills and worry about whatever is left over to be saved for other commitments you need money for and if there is anything left after that, THEN … you can have a little BIT of fun … Sigh … Adulthood. Anyways, the subject of adulthood can be an entirely separate long post if I get myself started so I’ll stop here LOL.