28th February 2014

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Yay! I am so happy to finally have my fob for the gym! I just go in, beep my badge and off I go to workout! I am offcially a gym rat!! I survived! My friend and I have been to the gym EVERYDAY this week at 530AM, working it pretty hard! I’ve lost a couple pounds already which is a nice feeling. 18 more to go! LOL. Just got to keep going at it as much as I can. Get leaner, get stronger and hopefully in a couple of months, it will be noticeable. It’s not easy folks! But I love going to gym early in the morning. It’s out of the way, I don’t have to worry about fitting in my workout schedule when I get home from work. Also, working out has been great with my sleep. I have been sleeping so well over the week. If I want to pass out at 8 or 9, it’s very easy because I am tired!! I can get in some extra cardio too because my fiance and I found out about open gym nights in our community centre so we drop by about twice a week and play some basketball!! Yesterday, I went and WOW … boy am I feeling it this morning. It’s a different kind of sore, I guess due to the nature of the movements. The gym workouts are so controlled and so isolated (because every day is a different muscle group I work on) that playing basketball or any other sports works everything so the whole body is sore!! I am really feeling it in my legs and my arms because of the running and shooting. It definitely affected my day at the gym because I could not do my shoulder muscles today! So instead, I did an hour of cardio on the elliptical machine. At least I sweated it out!! Next week, my friend and I vowed to step it up a notch. We need to burn more fat. I say we do lower weight but more reps and no rests in between sets so that we really get our hearts pumping and start sweating!!

I am a little nervous/excited about tonight because I finally got in contact with the church!! We are meeting with the priest tonight and I hope it all goes well. If things don’t though, we actually are considering having a courtyard wedding at our venue since it will be lower costs, we can plan things out a lot more and save more time. The only problem I think we may have with that is that I think my father really wants us to get married in a church. IF NEED BE, we will have a chat with my parents about it and see what we can do. I know there’s going to be a lot of hoops to jump through with the church so if it’s too much, we just might have to get married at our venue. Apparently, it is beautiful and a lot of people get married there in their courtyard because in the summer time, all the beautiful flowers are out and the fountains are on and it’s gorgeous. So … who knows? My mom already bought all our traditional ceremony items though … I hope if we do hire a marriage commissior that maybe … they can incorporate those traditions in there so that we at least get some of that in there because it’s important to me!

I am really getting stressed out though. This whole wedding planning is not easy and I’m in a whirlwind about all the things I want to do but can really afford to do and time is so important because I only have less than 6 months left!! ARGH!!!!


Weekend of “Officially”
24th February 2014

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This past weekend was one of the most exciting weekends of my life so far. I AM OFFICIALLY AN AUNTIE!!! My sister-in-law just gave birth to their beautiful baby girl!! Her name is Arianna and she was 6 lbs 3oz and the beautiful little baby I have ever seen. I am so happy, overjoyed and so proud. This was a huge deal because it’s the first born child of immediate family!! So this is my first time being an Auntie and of course the first time my fiance is an UNCLE because it’s his sister! She wasn’t due until the 26th of February it was quite the surprise. On that Friday, I was ready getting ready for work and just about to leave for the door when my fiance called out and said, “My sister just had her baby!”. Immediately, I called my work and said I am not coming in because I’m officially an Auntie! LOL. The whole family is so happy and excited. My fiance even decided to take another day off today just so he can hang out with his niece again because he is so in love with her. I don’t blame in. If I didn’t have to come in to work today, I would have done the same thing. Welcome to the world Arianna!!

Other good news … my brother is the PROVINCIAL BOWLING CHAMPION OF BC!!!!!! He won gold and is officially representing BC for nationals!!! He gets to travel to Manitoba in May and represent British Columbia!! OMG … if he wins he’s #1 in Canada for YBC Bowling. I am soooooo excited for him and wow … so proud. My little 12-year old brother, potential Gold Champion of Canada?! That’s crazy!!! Good job little bro. You have no idea how happy Kuya and I are for you.

On a self-good news … I am officially a gym member. LOL. I am quite happy with myself. Officially, I have crossed off the first goal off my list. Not only that, today was the official first day of early morning workouts because my co-worker and I worked out today at the gym at 5:30AM!!! To find out that our gym was open at 5:30 in the morning … we were ecstatic. That was going to be my test to see if I would join the gym or not. If they weren’t open that early, I would never have signed up because it would be so hard to find a time to go to the gym. Now that we know it’s open that early on weekdays, my friend and I had made a pact to go the gym every morning at 5:30am and head to work together after every day so that we work out and support each other on our goals. Today was the first day. We even got to work so early after it LOL. We got to work by 7:30am. I have never been to work this early before. I normally don’t show up to work until about 8:45am so this is record time for me! But it feels great though. Not my legs though. Now I know why dread doing leg days. My legs feel like jelly and are still shaking. I am aching all over because I did arms and shoulders on Saturday, Abs on Sunday and legs this morning. My goodness, I don’t even want to imagine how I’m going to feel when I wake up in the morning tomorrow. But this is a good start!

I really could use a nap right now though HAHAHAH.


On My Way
20th February 2014

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It has been 3 days since my last post about my main goals in de-stressing and losing weight. Have I started them? Yes I have. I started with sleep since that seems to be the basis of my issues. I needed a boost with it though. I started taking some melatonin to help me sleep better and better my sleep cycle. I needed a kick start in my routine of what time I should sleep and keep sleeping throughout the night. I don’t use it everyday though. I don’t want to be dependent on it. I just need it to kick start myself and it has definitely helped. I have had great sleep for 2 days! I now sleep at 9pm at the latest and wake up at 6:30am to start my day. I actually started working out in the morning now because it’s actually helping me start up my energy for the rest of the day. Working out in the mornings makes me feel more accomplished and confident because I actually feel like I did something productive with myself for the day. It’s a great feeling. I even have time to do my 5-minute makeup routine! (It doesn’t sound like a long time but it makes me wonder why I couldn’t muster up the energy to do it every morning before for the past few months). It just kinda sucks that the weather has been really shit for the last few days though. It would be so nice to go out for a quick run (I used to go for a 20 minute jog every morning at the break of dawn last year). I have also been drinking water non-stop too. Since I have been drinking more water, I don’t feel as bloated anymore and my skin feels more hydrated and not so dry. Works wonders! I am still considering joining the gym but now that I have been continuing working out at home in the mornings, I don’t know if I still will. If only my gym opened at 6am, I would join but they don’t open until 8am and I have work at 8:30am so it won’t work. Oh well. So I feel like I am well on my way. It’s only been a few days but it’s a start and that’s all I need. The question is whether I’ll keep going with this and I hope I do!


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