Bulk Meals, Here I Come!
29th April 2014

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It’s hilarious how the more determined you are to do something, the more things can go wrong.  For example, I have been set to finally get my ass in gear with this whole working out and losing weight thing.  Went to the gym every morning and then BAM!  On saturday morning at the gym, I sprained my wrist.

I didn’t even feel it at first.  I was bench pressing with a free bar and realized that the 35 pounds was too heavy at first.  When I set the bar down, the left side dipped first and I kinda contorted my wrist a bit.  It didn’t hurt though.  I continued on to a 30-pound bar and kept working out for the rest of my morning.  It wasn’t until the ride home that I realized it was starting to ache.  When I couldn’t lift my gym bag, then I knew something was wrong.  So my left hand was pretty much immobilized for the rest of the weekend.

Yup.  That’s me this week, chicken typing at work because it’s hard to rotate my wrist.  It’s a lot better today but I still have to massage and wrap it for another couple of days just to be safe.  So much for weight training this week.  Just pure cardio now and for those who know me … I HATE CARDIO.

To help me out a bit more with my weight loss goals, I am following in my fiance’s footsteps in eating healthy.  Every week we “bulk” cook meaning, we make a crapload of food that’s part of his food plan and just portion everything out into his 8-12 tupperwares.  That way he knows exactly what to eat for each meal for the next 2 weeks.  I started my own bulk meals last night and I am pretty happy with myself.  I cooked myself A LOT of this lean ground beef stir fry with veggies.  I have about 6 tupperwares right now in the fridge of 1 cup rice and 1 cup of the stir fry each.  I will be eating that every day for lunch for the rest of the week.  It has everything I need – my carbs, my protein and my allocated amount of fats.  I am set!!!  For dinner, I am making a chicken ranch BLT salad for the rest of the week too.  According to “MYFITNESS PAL” app,  I am within my range of ALL my macros and I should be at about 127 pounds in 5 weeks if I keep up my meal plan and my 5 day exercise of cardio.  Not too shabby!!!  If I can get to my goal weight in 2 months, I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!!  Fitting into that wedding dress will feel so damn good!!  Man, I haven’t been this excited about my weight stuff in a very long time.  It honestly just takes time and dedication.  If my fiance can do it, I know I can.  He’s my hero when it comes to weight loss.  For him to lose 50 pounds and then get ripped/shredded in less than a year is just mind blowing.  He’s come a very long way.  We still laugh so hard when he look at old pictures of him.  As weird as it sounds … I want that again LOL.  I want to go back to how I was exactly this time last year!!  I remember even posting a before and after picture of myself on this blog!!  We will see … in a couple of months there might be a chance of me posting another one!!  Hopefully it works!



100 Things In 1000 Days
24th April 2014

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Lately, there have been many things going on in my life that I have been feeling unorganized, confused, frantic, stressed and whatever other word/feeling is relevant and related.  I am starting to lose some light in my life and I feel like I need to work towards something to keep my sanity and my life together.

I had lost my motivation to exercise over the past month and all it took was an injury from my dog.  A little background on my dog … this dog is scared of a baby gate and a swiffer BUT is not afraid to chase cars.  He gets angry at them, barks at them and is prepared to lunge at them at full speed as if he is trying to match a car’s speed.  Being that he is a German Shepherd, my theory (I could be wrong) is that he really liked to herd things so it could be a possibility that he’s trying to herd cars.  He does not seem to like cars that drive away from him or go too fast past him so he wants to chase them.  Anyways … I went to take him out one evening to do his usual business.  I was hanging on to his leash tight because he’s a 120 pound dog.  This dog will take me for a ride if anything.  I thought it was all clear because there were no cars around my complex.  I was WRONG!  My neighbor drove into the complex in her big SUV and of course my dog lost it.  I tried to pull him away back to my garage but he was too strong.  Not only did he PULL ME TO THE GROUND, but he DRAGGED ME TOO!  Luckily, the car was already passed or else she would have hit my dog and trample me along with him.  I slowly but surely pulled him back to the garage and back into the mancave and crawled back upstairs to my bedroom.  Sure enough, my knees were bloody and gashed.  My left shin got the worst of it.  My entire shin was black, blue, red and bloody and in so much pain.  I had to limp around for a week and a half.  It was like having non-stop shin splints when running.  So that made me upset because I couldn’t go to the gym and pretty much gained a bunch of weight in the process.

I’m back at the gym now and it’s difficult to cope with the fact that I’m back to where I started.  I have to go back to starting with light weights.  I was so happy before that I was able to actually lift heavy weights and have very intense workouts but not I’m back at square one.  I’m trying to make a positive turnaround on this though.  I figured it’s like rehab for my body.  My fiance was telling me that when he popped his shoulder, he had to go back to lifting 10 pounds of weight rather than his usual 90 pounds for 2 weeks because he had to make sure he was taking care of his shoulder.  I guess it’s the same way with me now, especially with my leg and my knees.  I have to start off slow with my squats and things because I don’t want to aggravate my joints.  So my body is going through rehab from an injury and for me, that’s a good way of looking at it.

After all this, I was inspired.  I was reading someone’s blog and they posted up “101 things in 1001 days”.  Basically, it’s like a bucket list but more realistic, more achievable, more focused and more goal oriented.  You have 1001 days to accomplish 101 goals on your list.  I really liked that idea and decided to do my own because I was really starting to think about my weight goals and just goals in life that I really want to accomplish.  I am almost 30 years old, I am getting married soon and I need to feel like I need to do more in my life and give my life substance.  I think this whole thing is good for me and gives me something to live for and something to get me focused.  But I have to say … it’s difficult to find 101 things to put on my list. Right now I only have 58 goals on my list.  I have been trying to figure out what else I could do over the past month but I’m slowly adding things as I go along.  You are welcome to see what I have so far HERE – 101 THINGS IN 1001 DAYS. It’s helping me with my workout goals because I’m determined to cross it off my list! Let me know if you guys have something like this! I would love to read it!! I love it when people get determined to achieve their goals too!!