Long Time No See
8th December 2014

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I have been MIA.  I know.  Life has been busy.  A little hectic; in all aspects of life.  Home life, work life, everything.

First change was work.  I am no longer an accountant for my company.   I am more of an accounting assistant now, along with an additional role of executive assistant.  I help with project work for our biggest client of the company.  It’s a more versatile role, meaning I get to be in and out of the office because I get to have the chance to go onsite to do assessments, meetings with department clients and such.  Kinda fun but tiring.  Since we are in the middle of a huge project with them right now, last Thursday and Friday, I was onsite for 8 hours each day walking and walking and talking and talking with numerous people.  It was very tiring.  It kind of made me appreciate sitting at my desk for hours at a time.  I guess I can call it exercise LOL.  And I like I said, my time is shared between an Account Executive and an accounting assistant because I am also helping the accounting department whenever I am needed.  So my time at work is very busy and tiring.  By the time I get home, I’m exhausted and just want to lay down and watch tv. LOL.

Home life is a little more subdued.  Married life has been great.  Nothing much has changed but there is that notion that you “feel different” as a married person.  I feel more attached, more secure, more loving.  My husband and I have been trying to spend lots of time together and we are actually trying to start a family.  No babies yet but we are working on it.  I try not to stress out about it.  Some people have children very easily and quickly, while some take time.  “The time will come” and “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant  to be” are the phrases that circle in my head a lot these days when it comes to having children.  I get annoyed sometimes but that’s just me being impatient because I want a family.  But  … “the time will come when it’s meant to be”.  At least we have our pride and joy puppy, Tank, who is growing so fast  now!!!  He’s not so tiny anymore.  Well, he’s still small dog but he’s no longer that size of a football anymore 🙁  They grow up so fast!

Plus the holidays are creeping in now.  It’s December.  The stress of Christmas shopping, preparing for the big dinner can be a little daunting but I always get excited when the time comes.  Christmas is at our place this year so I need to figure out what I’m cooking, preparing and getting our house ready for our family.  Sigh … the holidays … such a love/hate relationship.

And yes … I’ve turned gamer. LOL.  Well kinda.  I have rekindled a love with video games.  Ever since we got our Xbox One, I have definitely played more video games than I have ever in my entire life.  I got sucked into the realm of DIABLO III, falling in love with the characters I have developed.  I actually finished an entire video game for the first time in my life which made me get sentimentally attached to my characters even more.  My husband bought me Tomb Raider last week too and now I’m excited to get home and start that.  Who would have thought.  I was never a video game person and now here I am wanting to go home and play.  I guess it’s not just that.  I love all aspects of  our gaming console just because it can play my movies on my hard drive and watch netflix and skype and so many other things.  Whoever thought that a gaming console would be so useful?!