3rd March 2015

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I can finally arrive at the station of opportunity and get off the unemployment train. Blessings has come my way knowing that I finally landed myself a job! It’s quite exciting for me because I get to start on Monday for a new big company and let go of any anxiety, slight bitterness and low complacement about my old job. It’s funny because I was never a person of change. I rather like routine and knowing what’s happening in my day but this change of having a new job is something I will gladly embrace. I admit, as nice as it was to be able to hang out at home and have a little “vacation” (to put it loosely), I am getting very tired of it. I want to be able to get up in the morning and have a purpose, have a job. So I’m very happy, grateful, blessed. Time to start working my ass off again and I’m liking it.

I am a little nervous. It’s always a little intimidating starting a new job. It’s a new place, new faces, new duties … It’s like starting a new school. I have to start making new work friends again. I have to start making good new relationships with the bosses. I have to make sure I can stay on top of the work ahead of me because from what it sounds like, it’s going to be a busy position. From what I was told, the days go by really fast which I guess is a good thing. Apparently the first week is mostly orientation stuff like learning about the company, its history, core values and learning the basics of how the company runs. So maybe it won’t too scary during the first week. Won’t really know until that day comes right? Wish me luck!

One tiny little goal I have for myself though … is keeping up with my self-maintenance. I admit, in my last job, I totally slacked on that. I stopped wearing makeup and stopped caring about what nice clothes to wear (as long as it looked remote “work-appropriate”, I wore it). The only time I ever really fixed myself up was when I knew a big meeting was coming up then I show up with the big guns clothing and makeup. Then, everyone would look at me like “What the hell?! Are you actually wearing makeup today?”. Yeah … I want that to change. I want to be able to go to work feeling good about myself, feeling confident. I have to start wearing makeup again and basically looking “presentable”. I know the place is very business casual but I still want to look and feel good. I want to show I’m serious about my work and this company. I gotta look good, feel good and work my ass off so that I can let them give me the opportunity to be at this company for a very long time.

The economy nowadays isn’t that great. Finding a job is hard and daunting. Doesn’t help that I’m living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and in one of the most (if not, the MOST) expensive city in the COUNTRY. To be able to be stable and secure in the work force is a big deal here. You have to work hard, you have to show you have potential in every aspect and that is what I intend on doing.

I’m excited guys. Very excited to start the next chapter of my life. This isn’t just a job anymore. It’s a part of my life to succeed and to survive. I really hope I can actually start a career here.