Busy Being A Mom
26th August 2016

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When I thought that being on maternity leave meant that I could have lots of time to blog and update … boy I was wrong (It took about 10 minutes just to type out that sentence by the way).

It’s been 5 months since my little guy was born. March 12, 2016 was the start of a brand new journey for me and my husband because of our little Gray Gray. It’s had its ups and downs but I have to nothing beats being a mom. Being able to see and hold this child every day and knowing that he is MY son, my flesh and blood, a boy who inherited my fingers/toes, has his father’s eyes and cheeky smile, makes me so happy that there is no word to even describe it.

Baby Gray Gray and Me

Baby Gray Gray and Me

So I don’t know what it means about my blogging. I still really want to blog but time really is restricted. I have little windows here and there like nap times or when those times where he is happily content playing in his exersaucer and doesn’t mind me sitting doing my own thing for a little while. Mind you his naps sometimes only last 15 minutes (if he sleeps for an hour, OMG, I am so happy). I guess there’s the late nights where he’s down for bedtime but I really try to get as much sleep as I can unless I get a round of insomnia. Plus I lost my photoshop since my old laptop crapped out on me and I have one of those small notebooks now. So I guess if I update my layout, it would have to be minimal and simple and one day I’ll have some time to figure it all out.