Happy Belated New Year
15th January 2014
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HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I know it has been a while. The holidays really did do a number on me and having to go back to work on regular hours now is doing a number just the same.

How was my Christmas? Great! It’s always a wonderful time being around family. Just the memories of sitting around the dinner table with incredible food, great conversations and great company is always enough for me to have a good holiday. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and my mom cooked good food; turkey, mashed potatoes, roast beef, salads, all the freaking good stuff that I love so much when it’s a special occasion with my family. Christmas Day was with HIS family and wow … good food too. His mom’s specialty spaghetti, roast chicken, garlic breads, egg pie and wow .. it was endless. Needless to say, I gained some weight over those couple of weeks because it was non-stop eating with the Christmas parties almost every weekend. I got some cool gifts too! My fiance got me this amazing white digital touch watch that I wear everyday now because it’s sooo cool. I happen to get TWO art sets with different kinds of paints, pencils, pastels, the whole works. I’m pretty excited to start using it especially since I have been wanting to learn how to paint. I miss Christmas already though.

The sad part about all of it is that my fiance got really sick right on Christmas Eve straight through to New Years. He even had to be in quarantine in our guest bedroom for a few days because the doctor said he was contagious HAHAHAHA. It was sad not to have him by my side in bed for a few days but at the same time was kinda liking having the big bed to myself LOL. So we spent New Years Eve in the spare bedroom (him on the bed and me on the floor with blankets and a pillow since I can’t be too close) binge watching episodes of Breaking Bad. It wasn’t too exciting or anything but we were both just happy we were able to spend the New Year together and I thought it was a kinda cute way to spend the New Year together. It’s one of those memories that I’ll always remember.

But now … I’m back to work and I’m busier than ever. I haven’t had much time to breathe at work and I’m getting a little stressed out as each days goes but I’m holding there. My bosses said that once things start to slow down with all the necessary deadlines for the 2013 year, I can have a few days off to take a breather and relax. Looking forward to that but I think it won’t be until closer to the end of the month or beginning of February. I hope the sooner the better. That’s why I’ve been trying to get as caught up as much as I can and at the same time, meet the deadlines so that when I take my few days off, I have nothing to worry about when I come back to work. Sigh …

I have been on a weird organization mode lately at home though. I have had this sudden urge to organize and clean things. Maybe because I’m stressed out. I tend to clean and do things like this when I am upset so I don’t know for sure. But maybe it’s a subconscious “new year’s resolution” to stay on top of things for the new year and make this year good and organized. Who the hell knows?! I already reorganized my entire kitchen. I cleaned out my office. I have been obsessed with making homemade frozen meals (meals that you just prepare and keep in the freezer and when you want to cook them without too much work, you just thrown into the crockpot while you are at work … it’s amazing and a lifesaver). Since I’m also trying to lose some weight again (Holidays kicked my weight’s ass this year), I’ve been packing my own lunches EVERY DAY (double whammy – helps my weight and my wallet!). So … I guess I’m on a roll? It’s kinda nice being nice and organized though. Makes life feel a little easier.

Anyways … that’s it for now! Don’t want to give too much or else I won’t know what else to blog about next time!

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  1. Cat says:

    Happy new year! I’m glad you had a great Christmas πŸ˜€ I gained a lot of weight too. There’s always so much eating during the holidays! The food you ate all sounds so good.

    It sounds like you got nice gifts too πŸ™‚ I also got some art supplies, and I really want to use them. I just need to find some time. That is always the problem!

    Aww, that’s too bad about your fiancΓ© though. I also got sick during the holidays, and I had to be careful about not spreading it to my husband. It sucks to have time off and then just be sick during it πŸ™

    I’ve been in an organization mode too! I think it’s because of new years for me. I just get motivated to clean up around that time every year. I hope you’ll be able to take a break from work soon! Good luck with that!

  2. Amy says:

    Happy very belated new year!!
    Good to hear your Christmas was great πŸ˜€ I think everyone gained weight to help keep warm during the winter months (except those in hotter climates…)
    Such wonderful gifts!! I got clothes, make-up, vouchers and chocolates ahaha. Very girly!
    I think many people got ill over the holidays which is a real shame as they couldn’t party hard πŸ™ My friend had to miss out on our New Years gathering and so we Skype called her instead πŸ˜€
    Organisation mode sounds GREAT! I need to be in that phase. At the moment it’s the case of “LETS DO IT!” to “Okay maybe in 5 mins”… I need to kick the habit >_<
    Keep it up and hope you'll get a well-deserved mini break soon xxx

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