Time, Hard work and Money
23rd January 2014
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So my work is doing this whole “biggest loser” thing in memory of an old employee of our company. He used to work for the company but moved on to another company but we were still very close with him because we are in affiliation and contract with his company. He always came into the office to visit for meetings and was always very friendly and said hi to everyone. Apparently he used to be incredibly overweight and lost so much weight because he became incredibly fit. In addition he battled cancer and won 100% and ever since then started his own charity cause for cancer and called it Bike for Cancer because he was very heavy into cycling and was very successful with it. Sadly, he just recently passed away by a heart attack and hit our office hard because he was held in everyone’s hearts. So in memory of him, we have started the “biggest loser” where everyone weighs in their weight, offered to lose a number of pounds and how much per pound. Whatever we lose, that money will be donated to his charity and the company will also match the amount. I am planning on losing 20 pounds at $2 per pound. It’s great motivation and for a great cause. Almost all of us in the office are joining it and are working pretty hard to lose some weight!

My good friend/coworker is particular very hard into this whole weight loss thing. Our spouses (who have become very good friends now) are fitness junkies and have included us into their weight loss plan. We are doing what you call “intermittent fasting”. How it works is that we have to schedule out an eating window. For example, mine is 11am to 7pm. I can only eat within that time frame. There’s more too it though and this is where it gets very very hard. We each have our own allocated amount of calories we need to consume. Mine is 1400 (the deficit is already included) a day which is normal for my weight. BUT ALSO, we have what we call macros. We have to watch our allocated grams of fat, carbs and protein. So not only do we have to consume our required calories but have to eat WITHIN our macros. It’s difficult because trying to plan out meals within these parameters IS SO FUCKING HARD!!! Sometimes I perfectly hit my 1400 calories but wayyyyyyy under or wayyyyy over my fats or my carbs. If I am under my carbs, it sucks because I can’t eat anything or else I will be over my calories! Just little things like that is hard! It’s very hard to find those “golden” meals that hits everything almost just right. I am trying my best though. I just do know it works. I tried this very loosely last year (not strictly) but I managed to lose weight because it forced me to not overeat and not eat past 8pm because I used to be one of those people that would get hungry in the middle of the night and eat at like 1am which is sooo bad. This time though I am trying very hard. My coworker and I are always texting each other trying to keep motivated or complaining half the time because this shit isn’t easy. I don’t know how my fiance does it!

I am back now at working out too. I am back to my TAPOUT XT videos and trying to go jogging again because I know for sure those worked for me before when I lost 25 pounds. Man … the holidays really hit me hard when it came to my weight. I’m quite upset at myself about it because I had lost so much weight already and to gain 3/4 of it back is depressing. But I just have to keep working at it! And I’m happy that my coworker and I are supporting each other on it though. It’s nice to know that someone else is going through it with me so that I’m not the only one whose crazy for trying this!! hahaha. Pretty soon I am also going to join the same gym she and our hubbies are all in so that right after work, my coworker and I can hit the gym together since it’s close by our office and possibly meet our hubbies there too. This is going to be fun!

So like I said in my last post, I have been trying some frozen meals to save some time and money (since I have my new schedule with working out and eating timeframe). I am LOVING IT!! Just last week, I prepared chicken teriyaki. I mixed my teriyaki marinade, put it on a LARGE ziplock bag and added the chicken and froze it. Then just 2 days ago, I took it out and threw it in my crockpot and left it on while I was at work. When it came for dinner, WOW … it was sooooo good!! I know I am going to have to make more now!! I also tried making my own frozen breakfast burritos. All I did was precook some eggs, threw in some veggies and turkey bacon, wrapped it in tortilla wraps, saran wrap each one individually and put them in a large ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. My fiance just takes a couple to work, pops it in the microwave and bam! BREAKFAST! He really really likes them too. He’s already requested that I make more to put in the freezer for a quick meal. This pre-making stuff is pretty awesome. I am really tempted to just spend an entire day preparing a number of frozen meal of different kinds so that we can save ourselves some time in cooking. I’ve been so obsessed that 90% of my pins on pinterest are recipes for frozen meals LOL. I finally can have some time to workout and do what I need to do because it’s all cooking while I am at work anyway!

What helps is grocery shopping in the States. Honestly after vising Costco in the states, I just CAN’T do grocery shopping in Canada anymore. Prices here in Canada are just fucking ridiculous. Spending $150 bucks (which was very easily done) at Costco here in Canada doesn’t even fill up a quarter of my shopping cart. Spending $200 in Costco in the States … my cart is almost overflowing with stuff. Our fridge and our deep freezer is stocked and it lasted us for a good couple of months and then some!! Because of that, doing my frozen meals is awesome because when you do the numbers, it’s like every meal I prepare is only about $2 a meal with even more left over for other meals you wanna prepare on the fly. It’s amazing. I can’t wait for make another trip to Costco in the States next month. Why have I not done grocery shopping there before?!?!?!? I would saved myself soooooo much money ages ago!!!!!

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  1. Amy says:

    Hope the Biggest Loser thing goes well. It’s so nice that you’re all getting involved at work. I don;t think I’d be able to cope with only eating in an 8 hour timeframe, I like snacking too much haha. Plus I sometimes don’t sleep until 3am so I’d have to go ages without eating. Good luck doing it though, it sounds like a fun experience.

    Wow, that’s a big difference in prices for food. It’s strange that it’s so different. Hope you manage to get to the States to do some shopping!

  2. Cat says:

    Sorry to hear about your former coworker 🙁 That’s awesome that he won against cancer and started his own charity. It’s sad when things like this happen to good people like him. I think the “biggest loser” thing that your company is doing is a great idea.

    The macros thing is hard! Calorie counting worked really well for me in the past, but it’s really hard to eat within your set macros. Fortunately, I already eat within a certain time frame because I don’t like snacking, haha. I also gained weight during the holidays though, so I’m working out again. I need to get back into eating properly too.

    I’m glad the frozen meals are working out for you! I’ve heard good things about it, though I have tried it yet. We typically pick easy recipes to cook each day, but it sounds like frozen meals would save even more time.

    Good luck on your weight loss goal!

  3. Kelly says:

    OMG what an incredible way to remember someone <3 It says so much about someone when they leave this world that others were so touched by having them in their life that they want to do something in memory of him. It also says a lot about you and your company, what an incredible company he (and you) worked for. I hope you lose all 20 pounds – but only because that means more money donated in his memory 🙂

    Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing it!

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