Rockin’ some Jays With a Breakfast Burrito
27th January 2014
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Good news for myself! I have lost 2.6 pounds! That got me excited but that was a week ago. I just weighed myself today and it said I went up more pounds which scared me. Then I started thinking … how is that possible? My clothes are actually fitting better so how did I gain weight? Going on a scale is just a numbers thing really. That’s why I don’t really weigh myself too often because I normally go by inches and really seeing it in the clothes I wear. So maybe I’ve gained more muscle? LOL. Who knows. It could just be an off day. Maybe I’ll just weight myself on the scale tomorrow and see if there’s just a mechanical error haha. I’ve been doing pretty good though with my fitness goals. I’ve been staying within my calories and my macros and I have been working out almost everyday (2 rest days). I am trying to get used to it though. Going back on the workout wagon has kinda taken a toll on my energy. I’ve been feeling so tired because I guess my body is still getting used to it. I have been working pretty hard and honestly those 2 rest days helped so much. After those 2 rest days, the next workout day didn’t seem so bad. I was able to get more reps in and go longer in cardio. So I guess it will get easier in time but when it does get to easy it means I’m gonna have to step it up or else I’ll just plateau and no changes will happen. Sigh … exercise … fitness … diets … crazy shit but needs to be done.

My fiance lately has this obsession with Jordan shoes. It brings back very nostalgic memories of all the cool Jays he used to wear since he was a kid; all the way until he was a teenager. He had many different kinds, different colors, babied them and everything. He’s started falling in love with them all over again. Since prices are so good in the States, he always looks for them whenever we take a shopping/grocery trip there. His collection is already growing. I don’t even want to count how many he has but they are all pretty nice. He said to me, “I can see you rocking some Jays too, you know. There’s a lot of really nice ones for girls and hell … you can even wear the guys’ styles if you wanted to!” I thought about it and I wasn’t too sure about it because I just never thought about wearing Jordans before. Then … When we were at Bellis Fair mall in Bellingham, we went in a store because my fiance saw Jordan shoes in there. I looked around and OMG … I saw the cutest shoes ever!! They were Jordans too but old school style, orange and pink and omg I loved them. Lucky for me, I fit in kids sizes which it was a youth’s size(another saving tip I learned – YOUTH size 5.5 to 7 fit around the range of Women’s 5-7 which means youth sizes can be about 30 – 50% the price of regular women’s/men’s prices) and they were on sale!! Luckily they had my size and bam! I bought them because I could just not go wrong with them. Since Fridays are “casual days” at work, I wore them and I LOVE THEM!!! This could be a start of a new shoe obsession with me too HAHAHAH. Not just Jays but others too. I remember seeing a pair of Puma hightops that I was falling in love with too and Addidas. LOL. With Youth Sizes available … muahahahah … I’m golden!

So here’s a sample of what I did with one of my frozen meals things. Frozen Breakfast Burritos!! My fiance loves them and I have to keep making more and more because he always takes them to work and it goes so fast! I figured I’ll tell you guys what I did in case you want to try it!

INGREDIENTS: (you can add whatever else you want to this!)

2 Eggs or Egg Whites (I used egg whites since my fiance is health conscious)
1 -2 Green Bell Peppers
Turkey Bacon or regular bacon (whichever you prefer)
Green Onions or Scallions
Tortilla Wraps


I shred the bacon into pieces and bits and started frying them in a pan until they are about half cooked.
If you are using regular eggs, scramble them and start cooking it with the bacon in the pan until cooked. For egg whites, no need for scrambling just cook with bacon. Once cooked put aside.
Chop up the green bell peppers (or whatever other veggies you want in there) and scallions/green onions.
Take a tortilla wrap, fill with with about 1 TABLESPOON and a half of EACH ingredient and wrap.
Wrap each burrito in saran wrap and put all burritos in a large ziplock bag and store in the freezer!
To eat just pop it in the microwave!

My fiance likes to eat these with Salsa but if you have other things you like to eat it with or just by itself by all means go for it!

2 Responses to “Rockin’ some Jays With a Breakfast Burrito”

  1. Cat says:

    Congrats on your weight loss so far! If you’ve been working out a lot, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some weight gain from muscle 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ve been keeping up with your eating and fitness goals. Nice work! I have the same experience where it takes a bit in the beginning to get used to working out again.

    Those are cute shoes! I really like how bright they are. Plus, orange and pink look nice together 🙂

    The breakfast burritos look tasty too. That’s kind of similar to how my husband and I like to make breakfast tacos. I guess tacos and burritos are pretty similar anyway; they’re just wrapped differently, haha.

    I hope your diet and fitness goals continue to go well!

  2. Kim says:

    Haha don’t worry too much about the weight! I’m sure you’ll continue to keep losing what you wanna lose 😀
    And making frozen burritos sounds like an awesome idea! That would definitely be a timesaver when you’re got places to go but no time to prepare food. Healthier and cheaper than buying food!

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