Time’s Going Too Fast
11th February 2014
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Can you believe it is ALREADY FEBRUARY?! It’s a little scary how time is going really fast. A little too fast for my liking. I’m starting to feel pressured with a lot of things now especially the wedding. When I think about it, there’s almost 7 months until my wedding and I am feeling very very very very unprepared. All I have is a venue and nothing else. I didn’t even get to send out save the dates yet and I am suppose to send out invitations next month. This is getting hectic and I swear I am getting panic attacks every time I think about the time I have left. I am really considering requesting taking a couple of days off just to at least visit the church and inquire if they can even hold my wedding ceremony since they need at least 6 months notice. Once I have the church then I have to be serious about my wedding guest list and get started on the save the dates in time to send out invitations next month. Ahhhh the stress.

What’s holding me down a bit on the stress? My fiance. He’s been really great lately. He’s been cooking me dinner almost every day now since he knows I’ve been tired a lot and stressed out. Also, since we are both on a fitness/diet plan, he’s been finding good, creative recipes to try out at home and has made some really really good food!! Healthy but it tastes incredible. I’m really happy that I have had a break with cooking and at the same try some new stuff! I am glad that he can cook LOL.

He surprised me one special night though last week on Tuesday … Okay … We normally don’t do anything special on Valentine’s Day because we all know it’s just a Hallmark Day where they TRY to force you to spend money on your significant other to “prove” you love them. To me, that’s all bullshit because you shouldn’t have to have ONE day to do it. You have your every day to show your loved one how much you love them and it doesn’t always have to be so extravagant. I’m not an advocate of spending all the money you have to do this. I am low-maintenance if you will, and I am just happy that he says to me he loves me everyday and once in a while we go out and spend some time together. That being said … OKAY … I admit, being a female it does feel nice to have some special attention once in a while and that’s why this night caught me off guard. Like I said, we don’t usually do much for VDAY and last year we didn’t even do anything. This year, we are spending Vday double-dating with another couple, watching the Harlem Globe Trotters since they are in town this year. Since we are pretty busy over the course of this month, my fiance decided to do something special for me this year.

I thought, it was just going to be regular Tuesday. I go home, cook some dinner or maybe he cooks dinner, I might workout and then head to bed and we watch a movie before we sleep. He calls me before I head home and says that he feels like having a cheat-food night and that I should head over to the grocery store and grab some dessert (since we ever rarely have any) and he will pick up some pizza on his way home from the gym. So I spent some time at the grocery store while talking to him on the phone because he kept asking me what they had and what other choices there were and he was taking his sweet time deciding what he wanted for dessert. Finally, I head home and I noticed the kitchen lights on. I didn’t expect him home so early. Pizza doesn’t take 5 minutes to make at the pizza place. As I got upstairs, the lights were dim and there it was … the dining table covered in my favourite chocolates, heart decors hanging from the ceiling, some red garland on the shelves, beautiful heart shaped paper lanterns, some lit candles and my favourite part …. already served plates of one of my favourite meals, Greek Food!!! Lambchops to be exact.

It was all very sweet. He said, since we have no other time to celebrate Vday, he decided to make a very early VDay dinner for us. He kept stalling me at the grocery store because he was out all day after work, out and about preparing everything and waiting at the restaurant for the Greek Food since he had to take take-out and it was taking a while. He was suprised he got everything done by the time I got home. He didn’t even get to go to the gym that day! So that was very sweet and I was very happy because we don’t do this kind of thing very often and he was quite proud of himself for being a great romantic because he knows he can be and loves it when it all goes well.

So that was the highlight of my week so far.  I feel pretty lucky and blessed to have a wonderful hubby.  This is why I want to marry him now if I could.  And this is why I am stressing about the wedding because I want our wedding to be incredible because we both deserve it.  I said this to every person who doubted romance … “Who the hell said romance was dead?!”


3 Responses to “Time’s Going Too Fast”

  1. Kelly says:

    Just remember, your wedding day is just the start of your marriage, so don’t stress out to much on the one day 🙂 It will be perfect because you and your fiance will become one – centerpieces and decorations will be forgotten quickly (and overlooked by guests, trust me!). You have such a wonderful fiance, I’m glad he’s able to help you stay calm during it all. If you can, I would definitely take a few days off to tie loose ends – that way you’re less anxious 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Awwwwwh! That’s so sweet and romantic of him!! I love how you guys don’t fall into the Hallmark trap like everyone else and decides they HAVE to do something with a significant other. I’m just gonna do the normal work and then Tae Kwon Do training after hahaha. Time to kick some butt!

    Take a couple of days off to iron out all the items you need to get done. My manager just got engaged and is getting married in Sept! (so soon!) Basically, write everything you need down and in order and just work off the list one by one. If you have a To-Do list and see that it’s getting completed, you’ll feel less stressed and more satisfied ^^

    Good luck with the wedding preperations! <3

  3. Cat says:

    Good luck with all your wedding planning! I felt the same way when I was wedding planning and was still booking things up until a couple months before the wedding! It gets really hectic, and I definitely had to take a few days off to take care of all of it. That’s awesome of your fiance to take some of the load off by cooking for you 🙂

    I used to have the same thoughts about Valentine’s Day, but I also realized that it’s nice to have a reason to celebrate. If other people enjoy it, then I’m not going to rain on their parade 🙂 We don’t do anything extravagant for it either. We’ll cook something nice at home and get each other a small gift.

    Aww! Your fiance is so sweet! I’m amazed he planned all of that and even decorated it! You are one lucky girl 😀 I’m glad he pulled it all off before you got home!

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