Goals for the Days Ahead
17th February 2014
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I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to make this year as easy as possible and to try and get rid of some bad energy. I notice it shouldn’t be so hard but it does take some time and motivation and will.

I have always been feeling really tired lately and stressed out. I need to relax. I have decided to make goals for myself to make my life feel more uplifting.

1) Join the gym.
Normally I hate going to the gym. I don’t do well with working out in public. I always thought of myself of more a lone exerciser. That is why I workout at home. What failed this time around? I have no motivation and with no motivation, I won’t work out. I have a gym about 10 minutes away from my home for as little as $15 a month so I figure I should join it. Another reason is that my friend, her husband and my fiance all go to the same gym. My friend has been bugging me about joining so that we can workout together since we have the same goals in terms of our weight. I figured, this could help me. This would force me to get off my lazy ass and actually do something about myself rather than the whole “I don’t feel like it today” or “I’ll make today another rest day” and then sulking in my bed about how fat I am and feeling sorry about myself that I let myself go again.

2) Get more sleep.
In addition to going to the gym, this going hand in hand with sleep. I have a case of insomnia and it’s probably because I have anxiety at night because I can’t shut my brain off. I am lucky if I can get more than 4 hours of sleep a day which I know is horrible. I need to get to bed earlier, relax and sleep for more than 4 hours a day. If I go to the gym and work hard, it might help me feel tired enough that I can sleep at night.

3) Work harder at getting ready for work everyday.
If I get enough sleep, then I’ll actually feel more refreshed every morning. Normally, I wake up at the last minute possible, throw whatever clothes I feel is decent enough for the office and leave for work. So I look pretty horrid really. I have no makeup on, my hair is a mess and the best I can do is put it in a ponytail and my clothes are well … I guess “decent” enough where at least I am not wearing sweatpants for the office. Does that look like a person who belongs in an office or looks like she belongs there? Not really. I want to be able to feel like, “Yes … I am working in an office as an accounting manager and I look great doing it”. So I want to be able to take some time to wear nicer clothes, do my makeup and not look like I’m some hungover, sleepless trash that forces herself to work (funny, I don’t even drink). To tie in with working out too, if I continue working out and lose some weight, I can wear the beautiful clothes I do have because they would finally fit me.

4) Prepare meals and watch what I eat.
If I am to work out seriously, I want to eat healthier. To eat healthier, I want to prepare my meals to bring to work so that I won’t go out and buy bad crap for my body. I can either prepare my meals the night before or if I get decent sleep, I can have enough time in the morning and prepare my meals too. Having the body I want is 80% diet and 20% exercise so I need to keep up.

So as you can see they all relate to each other. I need this. I need this bad. I just hope that I can actually achieve all these goals. Once I start with one, then they all should come together and hopefully have smoother days. I long to be stress free and full of energy so that I can get everything I need done. I’m going to start today with getting my sleep in. I already told my fiance that we should be in bed earlier because we both are complaining that we are feeling so tired today. I slept at 9pm last night and I still feel like I had no sleep whatsoever. I guess that’s my body telling me that I seriously need to catch up on some rest or else I’ll feel like this everyday. This weekend or maybe even within the next few days I’m going to join the gym. My friend really wants to workout with me and it would be nice to have some support while I am at the gym. Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “Goals for the Days Ahead”

  1. Aaliyah says:

    aww dont be stressing out too much on the weight issue hun 🙂 just take it slow! those are great plans though, some of which i just might have to consider doing myself!!! how’s everything? when’s the wedding? mine is over lol now we’re just waiting for this stubborn baby to come out!! anyways update me!! lol mwahhh <3

  2. Carrie says:

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed lately.. you’re not alone so don’t feel too bad.

    I love being at the gym and feeling my fat burn! I just put my headphones in and I could work out for hours. 🙂

    The household I live in is too loud for me to get plenty of rest so sometimes I’m grumpy from lack of sleep.

    I need to watch what I eat.. I stopped eating meat for about 2 weeks and just started up again a little. 🙁 I feel kinda bad because I was committed.

    Don’t worry.. you’ll get where you want to be soon! 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    I am the same way with just about all of those. I wait until the last minute to go to work, I’m not a fan of the gym (until after I work out) and don’t prepare in advance.

    Maybe if you start out with one of the goals and stick with it until it becomes a habit, then try your next goal, etc. I know making a lot of changes at once for me never works!

  4. Ella says:

    The gym is a really great way to relieve stress. My husband and I go to a local gym for only $10
    each! He’s lost 75 lbs, I’ve only lost 22 lbs but it works. Go for it!
    It’s true, the gym will help you sleep more. Like you I have sleep issues, I wake up every 2 hours. The gym will help you sleep more. Since I’ve gone I sleep longer than 4 hours like before, 6 is better than 4. I hope it works out for you. 🙂
    Hey, you got a great job there! You should dress to impress and feel great about it. I promise once you go to the gym and start working out, and feeling better, everything else will fall into place. Remember that a diet does not mean you need to give up your favorite foods. Portion your favorite foods. Drink more water! Water helps not only the digestive system, but if you drink it before bed, you really do relax better. You’re heart will feel better and you will too. Water will make you glow, and that’s no joke. Don’t starve, just portion what you eat. 🙂
    I wish you all the very best on your goals and accomplishments, you can do this! Remember YOU CAN DO THIS! Do it for you, and just make it happen. 🙂

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