On My Way
20th February 2014
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It has been 3 days since my last post about my main goals in de-stressing and losing weight. Have I started them? Yes I have. I started with sleep since that seems to be the basis of my issues. I needed a boost with it though. I started taking some melatonin to help me sleep better and better my sleep cycle. I needed a kick start in my routine of what time I should sleep and keep sleeping throughout the night. I don’t use it everyday though. I don’t want to be dependent on it. I just need it to kick start myself and it has definitely helped. I have had great sleep for 2 days! I now sleep at 9pm at the latest and wake up at 6:30am to start my day. I actually started working out in the morning now because it’s actually helping me start up my energy for the rest of the day. Working out in the mornings makes me feel more accomplished and confident because I actually feel like I did something productive with myself for the day. It’s a great feeling. I even have time to do my 5-minute makeup routine! (It doesn’t sound like a long time but it makes me wonder why I couldn’t muster up the energy to do it every morning before for the past few months). It just kinda sucks that the weather has been really shit for the last few days though. It would be so nice to go out for a quick run (I used to go for a 20 minute jog every morning at the break of dawn last year). I have also been drinking water non-stop too. Since I have been drinking more water, I don’t feel as bloated anymore and my skin feels more hydrated and not so dry. Works wonders! I am still considering joining the gym but now that I have been continuing working out at home in the mornings, I don’t know if I still will. If only my gym opened at 6am, I would join but they don’t open until 8am and I have work at 8:30am so it won’t work. Oh well. So I feel like I am well on my way. It’s only been a few days but it’s a start and that’s all I need. The question is whether I’ll keep going with this and I hope I do!

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  1. Cat says:

    That’s awesome that you’re doing well on your goals so far! I think that’s a good idea to start on the sleeping goal. How much you sleep affects so much, and I need to work on that too.

    Kudos for working out in the morning! I used to take morning runs, and I had the same feeling of accomplishment each morning. Unfortunately, I don’t do it anymore. I’m trying to fit it in after work now as a stress reliever.

    A couple years ago, I made the goal to drink more water too. In the beginning, I would track each cup as I finished it. It helped motivate me to drink my goal amount each day 🙂 I’m glad things are going well though! Good luck on keeping it up!

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