Routine Routine
17th March 2014
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There hasn’t been anything too exciting with me lately. My life so far has been pretty routine during the work week.

4:30am: Wake up and prepare lunches for the FI and I.
5:00am: Start getting ready and prepare all things for the gym.
5:30am: At the gym, working out whatever muscle group for the day.
6:40am to 6:45am: Take shower and start getting ready for work.
7:20am: Leaving gym, grab a coffee and on the way to work.
7:45am: Arrive at the office, have a quick breakfast and start my day.
12:00pm: Lunch time for an hour
4:30pm: Time to go home
5:10pm: Arrive at home, take out my dog and prepare dinner.
7:00pm: Stay in bed, cuddle with my FI and watch a whole lot of netflix and eventually fall asleep.
And the day starts all over again …

Yup. That’s my day. Not too exciting. It is tiring though. Waking up so early and trying my hardest to exercise as hard as I can can be tiring. I don’t even take pre-workout anymore because it will just make me crash by the time I get to work. It would be nice to have pre-workout because it helps me focus and get really good pumps at the gym and helps me get through that last extra rep I need but once I start my day at work, all that adrenaline goes away and I am SPENT. I cannot afford to fall asleep in my office. Although, I have been very tempted to close my door once in a while and just take a quick nap LOL but I can’t. That’s so bad.

I am slowly seeing results though. It is slow I might add. I haven’t lost any significant amount of weight but it’s coming. That being said, I see the results mostly in my clothing rather than the scale. On the scale, I must have only lost about 1.4 lbs. That’s 1.4lbs in 3 weeks. Not a lot … but I can see it in my clothing. I am starting to be able to squeeze in some pants now (when before, squeezing wasn’t even possible). I still have A LONG WAY to go but I am feeling good about myself. I’ve changed a bit of what I’m doing in the gym. I’m doing heavier weights with low reps rather than the lower weights and doing 15 reps of everything. I find that wasn’t doing anything for me. After a long conversation with my FI (since he’s my guru at this point, because this is a guy who went from 213 to 175 and is now very jacked and very very very fit), he said that in order to burn fat, I need to gain muscle. The more muscle you have, the easier it is for fat to burn off that is why strength and weight training in very important. That is why I have been doing a lot of weight training and slowly introducing cardio for some additional fat burning. So that’s why I modified my routines. I am lifting heavier with only 6-8 reps (you have to feel like you can barely do the 6th rep – that’s when you know you are actually putting in some work and effort into it). I have to say it’s working. My arms have firmed up a little already and my goodness I cannot believe the muscle that’s toning on my thighs. My butt has gotten a bit bigger though … Don’t know how I feel about that LOL. I really don’t need a bigger butt. I have a big butt enough as it is ahahhaah. Luckily my FI is an ass man LMAO. Anyways, I’m still working at it. I’m going to keep going with my HIGH weight LOW reps and see how it goes in a couple more weeks.

In the mean time, I’ll show you a couple of things I have been trying at the gym. IT IS NOT EASY THOUGH! At least for me it isn’t. I have done these 2 in particular a lot because they are my favourite. My abs are still sore to this day because of this. It definitely took a number of tries with the BALL PIKE because I just could not stay on the ball. I kept falling off hahahah but I finally got the hang of it and now it’s one of my favourites!! Give it a try if you guys are going to the gym or have the ball at home!



6 Responses to “Routine Routine”

  1. Kelly says:

    I can’t believe you get up at 4:30am, what are you – superwoman?! lol I honestly wish I could work out in the morning but I seem to love the snooze button more than a workout. Was it hard to start working out in the morning or have you always done AM workouts?

    • Shar says:

      Suprisingly it was easier to do morning workouts than later ones. I find after I am off work, I am too lazy and tired to want to exercise and I end up skipping a workout. At least in the morning, I wake up, I force myself to the gym and I am wide awake by the time I start and once I start working out, then I have energy for the rest of the day. It helps too that I have a gym buddy so it gives me that oomph to get up because I don’t want to feel like I’m leaving my friend hanging at the gym. But let me tell you … pressing snooze is pretty amazing in the mornings LOL. I don’t doubt that one bit!!

  2. AnneMarie says:

    I am bowing down to you and the fact you get up so early to go to the gym. Goodness! I used to do 5:30AM to get to the gym by 6AM and be out by 7AM but I only kept that up for a quarter. Some personal things came up and made it difficult to get up that early in the morning. But even now that things are relatively back to normal, I lack the energy to get up and go to the gym. I really should though because I’m starting to gain fat again and I really don’t want to.

    I’ve tried some of those exercises before and they’re really helpful….and like you said difficult. Keep it up! (:

    • Shar says:

      I think what’s driving me to go back to the gym is the fact that I AM getting fat again and I really don’t ever want to go back to how big I used to be! Sometimes I do lack the energy but I have to push myself or else I will keep being fat! LOL

  3. Cat says:

    Wow, your day starts so early! That’s a great routine, but it does sound tiring, haha.

    I’m glad you’re seeing results and are feeling good about yourself! That’s the important part! It sounds like you’re gaining muscle, which is probably why the number hasn’t changed much 🙂 I need to get back into working out with weights. That sounds like a good idea to do heavier weights and lower reps. The weather has been great lately, so I’ve been going for a run instead.

    I hope all of that continues to go well!

    • Shar says:

      I hope I am gaining some muscle! I just want them in the right places hahaha. You should get back with weights! I never thought working out with weights really would do anything but surprisingly it does especiallywith the heavier weights and lower reps! If you get back into it, give it a try! I wish I could go for a run but weather here has been so crappy 🙁

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