Cooking Days
15th October 2013
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I cannot believe it is already the middle of October. This year has just flew by and I’m trying to recall everything has already happened during the year so far. It’s hard to remember everything. I remember bits and pieces. Do I have just bad memory or is it always like that? Try to recap the past year and see how much you can remember. I bet you, you can only remember like 40% of it LOL.

Anyways, Halloween is still yet to come and then by the time you know it … it’s CHRISTMAS!! I love Christmas. My favourite holiday of the whole entire year. But it’s still to early to talk about that … I’m sure I’ll have a lot of say about that particular holiday when the time comes around (even though it’s in a couple of months hahaha).

So I would like to share with you the food the cooked for Thanksgiving for my fiance and I!

Green Gobbler Lasagna

Green Gobbler Lasagna

Chocolate Chip Flapjacks

I’m glad that my fiance really enjoyed it. He was happy because it was very health-conscious since it was a recipe from the “New Abs Diet” book. Even the pancakes were from the book!! I was especially happy about that since I’m not as “healthy” as he is when it comes to food but these pancakes were sooooo good. They were fluffy, light and I tried not to put too much chocolate chips so they weren’t too overly sweet!! So glad I found a recipe I liked in there!! There’s actually a lot of good recipes in there. I remember trying the “Sloppy Joes” recipe they had and wow … I really really really enjoyed that too! Really good for a “diet” book. Who says healthy food can’t taste great?

As for Monday, I had this incredible craving for breakfast food. I was contemplating the idea of going out for dinner to Denny’s or IHOP or something but it dawned on me that I could just cook that stuff at home for the same amount of money (or even less since I am a bargain grocery shopper). PLUS … I can have as much as I want!!! So I went to Walmart, grabbed the sausages, eggs, hashbrown and bacon and cooked myself a storm! It actually didn’t take too long to cook either. Breakfast food is the best and it’s even better when it’s for dinner LOL.

Breakfast Food for dinner! – Who needs to go to Denny’s?

I’m actually thinking about cooking this stuff for dinner again tonight haha. I don’t mind cooking if it’s good food that easy to make. I do LOVE to cook but lately, I’ve been so busy at work and really tired by the time I get home that I have no energy to cook extravagant meals. I like meals like this where it is easy, there are leftovers that can last a while and I can rest a little. There’s still lasagna left over too.

Speaking of cooking though, I already do have requests for Christmas dinner. I was asked to cook my infamous Baked Macaroni and my specialty dessert called Sex In The Pan. It’s nice to have requests because it makes me feel good that people like my cooking!! It’s good know that I can keep up with my mom and my future mother-in-law because they are both great cooks!!!

Do you guys cook? What are your favourite dishes to cook or what are your favourite dishes that someone else cooks if you are not a cook yourself?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I cannot wait for Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday right after my birthday and before Halloween. Yeah, I too can’t believe that the year has nearly passed. I wish the days slowed just a little bit, just a little bit.

    Yum! Those pictures look divine and yummy.

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