Ball is Rolling!
22nd May 2014
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It has been pretty nuts over the last couple of weeks. It’s been nothing but wedding, wedding, wedding. I’m not complaining though! It’s been wonderful because I FINALLY have the ball rolling for this wedding!! Over the span of a couple of weeks I have gotten a decorator, DJ, florist and photographer!! I have met some pretty amazing people who are sooooo good at what they do and I am getting so excited!! I still need a few more vendors to round out the wedding but it will come in time.

I was just getting worried there for a while because I only have 3 months left until the wedding and I had nothing. A meeting with the set of parents for dinner at our place pretty much lit the fire under my ass about this wedding. I am just horrible at organizing and planning things but I am happy that I have people to help and support me throughout this whole thing. All I really need left is a videographer, church musicians and POSSIBLY a limo. I’m still considering doing the whole limo thing because our venue is only 8 minutes away from the church. The only other place the limo would drive us to is Minoru Park for our photos which seriously only right across the street from my reception. So we would only need the limo for a couple of hours and honestly if I can save myself a couple hundred bucks for a 2 hour session then I am willing to. If anything, we can just borrow someone’s car and decorate it and have them drive us around for a total of less than half an hour. Makes sense right?

I’m just trying to iron out the little details now for the wedding. I found my vases for my centerpieces at this wholesale store for $10 each!! I couldn’t believe it!! Normally, those kinds of vases are at least $30-$40 each at Michael’s or wherever else I’ve looked. I’m buying them today so I’m sooooo happy for that! I even found really nice waterproof white LED lights to put into the vases on EBAY! 24 lights for only $17. That’s not bad at all!! At Michael’s they are 3 for $14. Finding some pretty good deals so far.

All this wedding stuff is a real eye opener though on how much some people can spend on weddings. Having connections seriously do help. Without them, I don’t know what I would have done. For example, flowers … The first couple of florists I met with were quoting me about over $2000 for flowers!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? ON FLOWERS?! That’s insanely expensive! The florist I hired (who happens to be a good friend of my fiance’s mom) is only charging us $1000 or less and all because he knows my mother-in-law. That was a relief. Plus his work is soooo amazing. I couldn’t believe what his definition of “simple” was. His “simple” is something crazy that looks like it would be double the price. Him and his wife are very dedicated to their craft and I was very impressed of their work.

Photographer … Most photographers are charging $1600 to $3000 JUST for photos and that’s only for 6-8 hours for only ONE photographer. My photographer happens to be the cousin of my fiance’s best friends since childhood and she’s only charging us $1600 (or less actually because she said she can work out lower on our next meeting) for the WHOLE DAY. Not only that but that also includes my make-up/hair with unlimited trials, a personal makeup artist to follow me around on the special day, make-up for my mother, special in-studio photoshoot, and there will be 2 photographers!! Makeup/hair alone already costs about $300 in total just for the bride if I went with a separate artist. 2 birds with one stone! I’m sooooo happy with that!!

My DJ … the average price is $500 to $700 and I got one for $350!!! He said I didn’t even have to put down a deposit because they already remembered me from my sister-in-law’s wedding and because we’re both Filipino.

My decorator, what a sweet woman. She was actually hilarious and told us so many stories of the wedding world during our meeting with her. We talked for a good 2 hours just having nice conversations and also talking about the best designs for my wedding. I was able to get decor for my backdrop, head table, cake/sign-in table for only $500. She also said that she gave me a deal because she did my sister-in-laws wedding and she thought we were super nice people. Other decorators that quoted me $800-$2000!!

What was funny to me was that people kept telling me that I should start getting my dress altered as soon as possible because most places need a month or two to prepare all the tailoring and because it’s Grad/Prom season. I called my bridal store and she was like “WHAT? LOL It’s soo early for you to get your dress fitting!” Apparently, they already have in-store tailors and are incredibly efficient at what they do with the best quality work so I don’t have to go until the end of June at least. What a relief because I wanted to lose a bit more weight LOL.

So I’m very happy so far with my vendors for the wedding. I hope everything comes together perfectly. My engagement photos are on Saturday too so that helps in making me feel even better and excited. What are you suppose to wear at these things? Is there a rule for engagement photos? I actually have 2 engagement photo sessions. My awesome friend is also volunteering to do a free session with us because she needs the practice since she is starting her own photography business. The only catch is that she gets to post some of the photos on her website for her portfolio. I’m okay with that! She’s actually also doing my wedding cake/cupcakes. She’s really one all-around-talented human being. She’s freaking amazing!!

Sorry to bombard you all with wedding stuff. If you are a bride-to-be or plan to have a wedding sometime in the future, I guess what you can take away from this blog post is to NOT procrastinate, and ask around for the best quotes and TRY TO GET SOME CONNECTIONS! You can save yourselves hundreds to thousands of dollars on your wedding!!!! It’s one night. It’s going to be the best night of your life but at the same time you don’t need to break the bank for it. My fiance and I decided not to overly spend so much money on this wedding because we want to have money leftover saved for when we have a family. We both would rather spend money on building our family than an over-luxurious wedding that will only happen for one night.

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  1. Cat says:

    Yay, that’s great that you have most things booked now! I know friends who just rented a nice car for their wedding instead of getting a limo. We hired a driver, but we weren’t able to get a limo because our venue was on a steep hill. The limo couldn’t make it up, haha.

    I’m glad you were able to get so many great deals! Sounds like you’re saving a lot of money! I was pretty shocked at how expensive wedding vendors were. It took some getting used to. The price for the florist surprised me too! I expected the prices for photographers though because I do photography on the side. People tend to only think of the hours at the wedding, but they don’t realize that photographers spend 10-20+ hours on post processing afterwards and several hours preparing beforehand. Even for short photoshoots, it takes me several hours to post process.

    As for the engagement shoots, there’s no general rules for it! You typically want at least one photo of the ring, but the photographer should know that already. They should reflect you guys as a couple, so wear what you want 🙂 It might be nice to plan a couple different outfits to get more variety in your photos.

    Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

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