Wonderful Memories of Summer
2nd June 2014
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The beautiful weather is finally here!  I just hope it lasts considering Vancouver is notoriously known for its ever-changing weather with a finger snap.  So far so good and I hope it stays since it’s finally feeling like summer.  It’s time for BBQs, birthdays, summer outings and whatever else can fall into the category of wonderful summer memories (of course – the most memorable for me at the moment is my wedding in two and a half months!).

Yesterday was our first BBQ of the summer!  Having close relationships with a few of our neighbours, we planned an impromptu BBQ the night before for the semi-final hockey game (LA Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks).  Everyone (almost everyone) was rooting for Chicago but unfortunately they lost … Poor hubby was devasted but he’ll live LOL.  Despite that, we had a great time and a great set-up.  We laid down mats and blankets on the ground for some of us to sit and bask in the warm air, we had patio chairs, Ed brought out his big speaker to hook up my hubby’s phone to listen to the game, we had our grill going, the kids were playing mini floor hockey with their movable net … it was a perfect picture of summer.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.  These are the kind of moments that make me happy.  We all stayed out until dark but had to get to bed by 11pm since it was a work day the next day.

It’s never over though.  Next weekend on the 14th is my 29th BIRTHDAY BBQ!!   Everyone always looks forward to my birthday because I always plan a BBQ birthday and everyone always has a good time.  A few years ago, I planned one at the beach and it was always the one that people remember the most.  Tons of food, tons of kids and the most fun part of all … Ultimate Frisbee.  We had such a fun game.  Everyone was playing so hard, sweating but we were laughing our asses off because there were so many funny moments.  Again … I loved that so I always try to have an outdoors birthday.  Since now our backyard is pretty much connected to park, we are going to have our outdoor BBQ and then have games/sports in the park!  People are already saying they are bringing a frisbee, a basketball, possibly some hockey gear (there’s a b-ball and mini hockey court in the park), even some bocce bowling, capture the flag equipment … everything!  Plus there’s a fun playground in the park too so at least the kids can play there and they are within eye-sight so we can always keep an eye on them.  If it’s getting dark, guaranteed Aaron and Tracy will bring out their portable firepit (propane powered one so that we are not breaking any laws) and have a “campfire” out there too!  People always bring smores and hotdogs to roast because the little ones always get hungry after they have been playing all day.  I really cannot wait for it!!  Might as well have a really fun birthday since it’s my last birthday in my 20’s since I’m turning 30 next year (eeks!).

Another reason why I want the weather to stay … we are having our engagement photo shoot done this coming Sunday!  We have had to postpone it so many times because the weather was so weird over the past few weeks.  Everytime it said it would be sunny … it rains and when it says it’s going to rain … it’s nice … It was quite frustrating because I get so excited to have a photo shoot and then it doesn’t happen.  So hopefully, this weekend will be gorgeous and we can finally have a photoshoot!!  That’s why I have been trying to hit the gym hard over the last couple of weeks because I want to look good LOL.  Potentially one of those photos will be our guestbook (meaning I will blow up one of the photos and put it in a frame and just get people to sign it at the reception as our guestbook rather than the traditional guest-BOOK)  so I better look good! I hope I get some in time so I can post some up on here for a sneak peak!

And of course … the main reason I want the weather to hold up … is for our wedding.  It’s in two and half months and I’m hoping the weather will be amazing!!!  I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast.  I’m already having bad dreams that things will go wrong on the day of the wedding because I guess subconciously I am stressing out about the little details.  Last night I dreamt that my bouquet was wilting right in front of me and my bridesmaids had to keep pulling flowers out of the church pews and stuffing it into my hands to hide it but everytime they did, the flowers would just die.  Stupid little dreams like that … oh man … People don’t kid … weddings are stressful LOL.

2 Responses to “Wonderful Memories of Summer”

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, so many good things are happening for you! ^.^ From birthday to wedding. Yeah, tell me about stressful but I had a very small wedding so it wasn’t too bad on my end.
    You definitely have to post up some pictures of your birthday fun and your wedding. I would love to see it ^.^ Have a good day!~

  2. Cat says:

    Texas is known for the same thing when it comes to weather. We have this corny joke that everyone likes to tell, haha. “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes.”

    That’s great that you’re close with a few neighbors and are able to get together 🙂 Sounds like a really fun time! I love your plans for your birthday too! Having an outdoor celebration is awesome when the weather cooperates.

    I hope you’ll be able to have your engagement shoot this weekend! Aahh, that’s stressful to have nightmares about your wedding though. I’m sure it’ll go well!

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