4th June 2014
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Okay I’m doing it. I have started the insanity workout. I have been putting it off for a very long time because I’m very intimidated by it. I did it once before and I pushed myself too hard that I ended up puking a bit because it was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life in terms of exercising. Ever since then, I never wanted to look at it, let alone go on and do it. However, right now, I am at a point in my life where my weight insecurities is really starting to affect my moods and my days so I decided let’s just go and do it. And boy, let me tell you, I am soooooo glad I started it again.

I did a few things differently this time so that I won’t give up after DAY 1. Here’s some tips if you want to do Insanity but are scared to:

1) KEEP AT YOUR OWN PACE!! The people in the video look amazing, obviously and of course have probably done this series a few times BUT you know what? Even in the video, at least quite a few of them drop like flies and stop in the middle to take a break (or a few actually). They’re also heaving for air, drinking water like mad men and grasping their body parts like something is burning just as much as you are probably feeling while doing it. This workout is incredibly intense, high impact and very very high interval, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Keep at your own pace and don’t try to match what the people in the video are doing because you will EVENTUALLY get to that point. Don’t expect your body to all of a sudden keep up. I know people who workout religiously and this series still kicked their ass because they are weight trained and not cardio/conditioning trained. AGAIN keep at your own pace. If you need to slow down, slow down before you hurt yourself because over time, you will get stronger and faster and be able to keep up better (but no guarantees that you will keep up 100%. I still know people who have re-started this program and STILL can’t keep up 100% LOL). It’s the effort that counts here.

2) TAKE BREAKS!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how this workout will knock the fucking wind out of you. If you feel like you are going to have a heart attack, STOP!!! Please!! Stop, take a break, get your breath together, drink water and continue. Because this workout is so intense, that even if you work with half the intensity you should be doing, you will STILL get some results. That’s how good this series is. I admit, I was taking breaks every 5 minutes during this workout because I just couldn’t keep up in the first few days but now I that I am progressing, I still take breaks but lesser.

3) MODIFY THE MOVES IF NEEDED. I have a bad knee, ankle and shoulder so sometimes it’s hard for me to do certain exercises in this series because there is A LOT of jumping, squats, pushups, and whatever else in between. That didn’t stop me though. I modify the moves a bit so that I am still at least doing a variation of what they are doing so that I’m still working. One example is the jumping squats. So like jumping jacks but when you land, you have to land in a squat. Since I have a bad knee, that’s really bad for me so I don’t do a full squat. I do about a quarter squat but I still at least put the effort into the continuous jumping. I have to say though, being in day 6 of this series, I have been able to do actual half squats now which is a great progression in my strength.

4) DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! Trust me … you feel the uttermost dehydration doing these workouts. I have a whole 2 Liter jug with me and I drink as much water as I can. During the first 2 days, I took tons of breaks and drank water each time. You will be sweating so much (it pretty much looks like I am in the middle of a shower because I sweat so much) that you need to keep hydrated at all times.

5) KEEP GOING AND DON’T GIVE UP. Yes, this is one of the hardest workouts out there right now but you will feel so good after each one regardless of whether you finish each session or not. On Day 3, I pretty much stopped about 3/4 through but because I still gave what I could in that 30 mins, I still felt empowered, happy and proud of myself. I’ve only been at this for a week but I’m already seeings some results. I already feel some muscles coming and I’ve already lost about an inch and half off my stomach and my hips. Seeing results already is making me want to do it more and I’m pretty determined to get through the whole 60 day challenge and see what I’m really made of. It gets addicting after a while. Now I see why my fiance is addicted to going to the gym LOL.

If you have the will … give it a try. I am have already warned you that it isn’t easy but if you continue on with it … absolutely you will be so happy with yourself mentally, emotionally AND PHYSICALLY!!! If I can do it, so can you because I HATE EXERCISING!!

3 Responses to “Insanity”

  1. Agent Q says:

    Yes, YES, YEEESSS! Insanity is the way to do it. 🙂 Because Insanity is predominantly cardio focused, you will find yourself short on breath if you haven’t done it yet. I use it for that reason. Cardio helps me improve my stamina, which is helpful if I want to be able to do more sit ups within a time limit. Good luck with your challenge, and keep at it! 😀


    Someone who also started Insanity just a few days ago. 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve heard of it, and not sure what my opinion on it is. I guess, I just like the old fashion why, but I’m glad that the program lets you go at your own pace and what not. Like the other tips too. It all seems very common sense, doesn’t it? Regardless, I wish you luck!

  3. Cat says:

    Wow, that workout sounds really intense. That’s great that you gave it another chance and are happy with it now! I think the tips you give are also good for people who aren’t used to exercising in general. I feel like people give up too easily because they push themselves too hard. It’s all about taking it at your own pace, stopping when needed, and doing what works for you 🙂 Good luck with the 60 day challenge!

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