75 Days Left
16th June 2014
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There are 75 days until our wedding. It’s a little scary but very very very exciting!! In 2 1/2 months, I will be finally be at my own wedding that I have been trying to plan for the past year and a half and BE MARRIED!!! It’s a bit surreal to me right now and I think it’s just starting to hit me now.

Speaking of wedding, we finally had our engagement photos done! It was really a lot of fun. Suzzie (from Suzzie Harding Photography) was super nice and very good at what she does. Most of the time, we were all laughing and she accepted our challenge of making my fiance smile because he has a tendency to do the “Chandler smile”. She did an incredible job and I am sooooo happy with our photos!! Below are the teasers she gave us until we get the full disc with all our photos she did and edited for us.

On a completely different note, today is my birthday!! My 29th birthday to be exact. It’s going to be my last year in my 20’s! It’s weird to say I’m 29. Some people don’t even believe I am 29. People still think I am 19 or 25 LOL. I guess looking young for my age is a good thing for the future when I’m older! I celebrated my birthday on the weekend since my actual birthday had to fall on a Monday (boo). We never ended up having the BBQ because the weather was such crap (but low and behold the next day was beautiful … go figure). We had some all-you-can-eat Japanese food with my closest friends instead and then a night of KAREOKE!!! It was pretty fun. Everyone was singing and having a good time laughing and laughing and laughing!! Tonight though, my fiance is taking me out to dinner to my favourite Greek restaurant so I’m really excited for that!! It just sucks that I still had to work today because I am sooooo busy this week with work that I could not afford to take a day off.

Better get back to work!!

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  1. Cat says:

    Happy Birthday! People usually don’t believe I’m 29 either, haha. I have the same problem where they think I’m younger. Though, I guess it’s not really a problem. It’s kind of nice to be mistaken for a younger age 😉 That’s too bad the BBQ didn’t happen, but all-you-can-eat Japanese food and Karaoke sound fun too!

    Wow, your wedding is coming up so soon! I hope all of the planning is going well 🙂 I love the locations for your engagement photos! You guys look so cute together!

    • Shar says:

      Thanks Cat! It is nice to be mistaken for a younger age sometimes. SOMETIMES LOL. Sometimes it gets annoying hahaha. Us and our Asian genes eh? LOL.

  2. Agent Q says:

    Happy belated birthday to you, and congrats! I’m sure you’ll have a lot to look forward to with all the planning. You two look great in those engagement photos! Makes me feel all fuzzy on the inside. 😀

    As for looking young, it’s the Asian thing. 😉 I remember when I was 19, I got ID’d by a high schooler for attempting to buy a ticket for am R-rated movie. Not everyone who went with me got ID’d, and I was the oldest one of the bunch too! I suppose as long as we don’t get mistaken for a kid [and thus mistakenly getting denied access to various restricted venues], we’re good to go.

  3. nyuu says:

    Happy be-lated Birthday 🙂 Very cute engagement photos! You definitely do not look 29, which is a good thing 😀

  4. Michelle says:

    Happy Belated birthday, and beautiful photos! ^.^

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