Next Step … DIAPERS!!
2nd September 2015
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To add on further to my blog entry on August 15th, yes … a lot has happened since I turned 30. Looking at the title of this entry, I’m sure you all can guess what one of the major news is …

Little One Coming Soon!

Little One Coming Soon!


Yes!! I am going to be a MOMMY!! I was dying to reveal it sooner but I was waiting until I was at least done my first trimester before I revealed it to the world. I am just starting my second trimester now which means I am 3 months pregnant and due MARCH 8th, 2016. My husband and I are ecstatic!!

It hasn’t been an easy pregnancy though. I am not one of the blessed mothers-to-be where they don’t have too many symptoms or none at all. Over the past three months it’s been nothing but throwing up, fatigue, mood swings and food aversions. All of my usual favourite foods, I can’t really stand – I hate the smell of cooking eggs and mushrooms. I hate the smell of fresh garlic. I cannot even handle eating fish. I would be throwing up at least twice a day everyday because I’m so nauseous all the freaking time. Everything was worse at night, meaning my morning sickness was a night sickness which made it difficult for me to sleep. I was (still kinda am) uncomfortable all the time. I felt like I needed space. I couldn’t stand cuddling with my husband or my dog at night. I would get grumpy and end up “trying” to sleep in our guest room or on the couch downstairs. There was even a point where I told my husband to change his deodorant because I could not stand the smell even though I was the one who picked out in the first place. LOL.

Oh how I love my husband. He has been putting up with me so much. He truly is a trooper. He’s been cooking and cleaning, making sure everything he cooks is properly cooked, he tells me to go upstairs if he’s cooking eggs so I don’t smell them. He makes sure I go to bed at a decent time … He texts me every morning to ask how I’m feeling. He’s been at every appointment so far too. Such a great husband. I can tell he’s going to be a great daddy. Sometimes he’s more excited than I am (it’s those days where I am throwing a fit, crying that I can’t stand being pregnant anymore because I feel like shit HAHA).

Now that I’m entering my second trimester, things haven’t been as bad. Instead of throwing up everyday, it’s more like once a week. I can eat more now as my appetite has returned but I still don’t like eggs. But … as much as it’s great having to lose a bunch of symptoms, it only means that I gain more to replace them. Now I’m going through insomnia and I am more prone to headaches and migraines and heartburn. Not fun but I’m dealing with it.

But I am freaking excited. I cannot wait until we get to know the sex of the baby. I don’t think we would be able to know for another month or so. Everyone is already guessing that it’s a boy. My husband already keeps calling it a “HE” so we will see. We already have names too! I just want to know the sex so I can start looking into how to decorate the nursery and look into cute baby clothes and shoes!! My bestfriend already told me that the baby’s shoe collection will be because of her. She’s itching to buy shoes already hahaha.

Happy One Year Wedding  Anniversary!

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary!

This is also a great gift to my husband and I as we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on August 30th! It is also another gift for my husband because his birthday is tomorrow!!! This has been just a great gift overall. We are over the moon right now!!

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  1. Cat says:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting! That’s too bad about the symptoms you’ve been having. I’m glad that it’s getting a bit better though.

    Your husband is so sweet to be doing all of that for you! You guys will be great parents! I’m really happy for you both 😀

  2. Aaliyah says:

    CONGRATS!!!! So happy for you!!! Can’t wait to read moree! ohhh everytime I see posts like this makes me want a new baby as well lol. belated happy anniversary to your and your hubs as well hun. keep in touch!

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