We Are Having A Baby …
18th November 2015
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24 Weeks and counting!

There I am. 24 weeks and still very very pregnant. I swear the belly (or should I say the baby) is growing practically every week. I am really starting to feel the weight now and I am very much losing my center of gravity so walking around too much is very very tiring. It seems to be putting a toll on my back too as my tailbone is taking much of the hit of it all, making it very difficult and painful to lift myself off the couch or the bed.

Hormones are going crazy as well. I have to admit that my emotions are all over the place at times. I could cry at the drop of a hat. Ask my husband. He says one thing to me that really has not significant meaning like, “Awww. Your belly is so round,” and then I start crying hysterically. For maybe about 3 seconds I take offense to it, then cry because I realized after the fact that he meant nothing by it and the rest of the crying is just me not being able to stop. I even started crying one time because I could not get off the couch and got very very very frustrated. Sigh … the hilarious-ness of pregnancy.

But on the bright side of things … We are almost done preparing our nursery for … WAIT FOR IT … Our BABY BOY!!!! Yup! We finally know the gender!!! BABY BOY!! I am having a son!! It still feels really weird to say but it’s true! My husband is very excited. He’s already thinking about all the father/son bonding moments they will have; teaching him how to fish, hunt, play basketball, get girls … LOL.

Like I mentioned, we have already started his nursery and it’s almost done. We have painted the walls, already set up his crib and his changing table. All we really need is a nice glider chair and a dresser to put his clothes in. We are fortunate enough to get some of the necessities like a swing, stroller & car seat, etc. I have been warned though to not buy any more stuff since I still will have a baby shower and really, who knows what I’m going to get from there. It’s really really hard though. When I see cute outfits and shoes, I just really really want to buy them (which I have already bought a bunch hahahahah **ssshhhh***). Apparently I’m getting my baby shower in February next year so I will have to wait til then! Not too far away. When I think about it, I only have 15 weeks left! My goodness!!!

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  1. Aaliyah says:

    How ARE you Mama?? I’m sure motherhood has pretty much taken over your bloglife which is why you havent been updating lol I hope all is well. I’m having another one AGAIN too. Hope all if well at your end though!!

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