Holiday Spirit
10th December 2015
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Can you believe it’s already practically the middle of December? Christmas is in 15 days! Yikes! I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet! To be honest I haven’t even put up my tree yet, which is very surprising as I usually ALWAYS have my tree up first! This time around, my husband was obsessed with finding the perfect real tree and so far we haven’t had any success so I think … FINALLY … he decided to just use our fake tree and put it up this weekend which I am soooo excited for!

At work, however, the spirit is pretty high! Our new controller wanted to reward us with some fun and relaxation for having such a busy quarter by doing a day of arts & crafts AND … having an early day to wear Jeans! (We normally only wear Jeans on Friday but this particular day she made an exception). She gave each department a little fishbowl with a little ceramic platform and provided us with all the artsy materials, glue, etc and we can create whatever the hell we want! This is what we came up with!

We had quite a lot of fun with it and we each had our input on it. It was a great way to spend our morning as it was a nice break from our work. We have been working our butts off so it was nice for management to recognize that and give us a little break. Even better? Each department also filled up that fish bowl with candies and chocolates YAY!!!

This is not really Christmas/Holiday related but I have to mention that I have been having this obsession about nails. Well, I have always loved doing my nails. I even tried doing the whole acrylic nails thing and bought everything from the fake tips to the acrylic powders, brushes, glitter, electric nail grinders, EVERYTHING!! Of course, I got pregnant and couldn’t really use it anymore because of the fumes and stuff. But now … I have found a love for simple GEL nail polish! I ordered myself the gel base coat and top coat and I can do this thing called “GELLY SANDWICH” where I can incorporate the gel nailpolish with regular nailpolish as long as I have that LED/UV light thing (I have the LED which is safer for me I guess). So now I’m obsessed with looking for nail polish and nail polish designs. My fave thing right now is the ombre style nails. I haven’t gone too crazy with it yet but I’m working on it. Below I tried doing a starter, very simple faded tip using the sponge method. It’s not as obvious that I did the whole ombre thing since I only used one color but I just wanted to test out the whole sponge thing.

I love the color! I have never worn a green like this before! Next time I want to try a red/black ombre with a matte finish! That’ll be a nice little project! I want to find the perfect red shade though hee hee. I even ordered some clear fake tips since I know it’s usually hard for me to keep longer nails. I don’t want them too long though as I know it’ll be hard to have long nails when the baby comes but it’ll be nice to just have since they only costed $1.75 from Ebay. I ordered my gel base coat and top coat from ebay too and I think it only costed me $5.00 for both. Wayyyyy cheaper than buying it from the drugstore as they were asking about $15.00 for a set.

I figured this would be one of my nice projects or things to keep me occupied once in a while during my maternity leave. I’m still trying to make a list of what else I can do during my maternity leave. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cat says:

    That’s nice that you got to do arts and crafts at work 🙂 It’s a relaxing change, and I think it’s a cute idea!

    Oohh, ombre is a cool effect. I think green is fitting for the holidays. Red/black would look great together!

  2. Kim says:

    How did your Christmas tree turn out? 🙂 I usually put mine up during my thanksgiving break but no time this year. I ended up not putting one up at all because I figured I’d only have about a week before I had to take it down again haha.

    I love doing nails!!! I used to be SO into it (got the whole brush set, glitter, stickers, colors), the whole shabang haha. I like the idea of the gelly sandwich! Feel free to point which ebay seller you bought your polish from and where you bought your LED thingamajiggy ;P I’m intrigued. Looks like your nails will last a good long while! You did a great job on the ombre with just one color 🙂 Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s!

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