3rd December 2016
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Traditions are funny and heartwarming at the same time. The idea of hanging on to something, whether it be an action, an object, even just an idea is funny. What is our fascination of continuing something repeatedly for so long? What’s the point? I guess that’s where the “heartwarming” part comes in. That’s my main reason for keeping traditions. It keeps me connected to my roots. It keeps me grounded so I never forget where I come from or never forget the important parts of my life.

Christmas is a big one for me especially ever since my hubby and I started dating. We have created a few traditions for us over the past 10 years. Now that we have our own family, it’s important to us to keep them going in hopes that Baby G can continue them or just value the importance of family and family traditions so that maybe he can do his own in the future like how my hubby and I have.

Here are some of the holiday traditions my hubby and I have developed over the years.

My hubby’s favourite holiday film is “Santa Clause” starring Tim Allen. He knows every second of this film from the dialogue to the music to the little quirks that most people would just dismiss. Every winter we have to watch this movie at least 3 times. It doesn’t have to be in a row but it will live in our dvd player for a while. We will have it playing before bed and like a child, he will fall asleep during the night. He loves it though. This film brings so many memories for him as a child so I know how much this film means to him. I’m not the only one who knows the value of this film to my hubby. My best friend, K, who is like a little sister to my hubby ALSO LOVES this movie and is the reason why we have this movie in our DVD player. She’s the one who bought the DVD as a gift to him for Christmas one year!! Coincidentally, it kinda started a tradition of watching the movie with them every holiday as well! It’s pretty funny, watching the two of them sitting there reciting the movie together like two kids watching TV. Her boyfriend and I always start laughing but we love it. It’s one of those memories that you cherish and never forget.

A more recent tradition my hubby and I started for Christmas is every year, we each get pick one ornament to put on our tree. It can be anything we want and it doesn’t have to be such a traditional ornament. For example, I love this coffee place that I have to have a coffee there practicially every morning – Tim Hortons (it’s like Canada’s cheaper version of Starbucks and less fancy lol). So for 2 years in a row, I got an ornament that was a mini version of their cup and a box of their donuts. I was so happy that they were actually selling Tim Horton ornaments hahah! In turn, my husband got a mini version of the plastic Starbuck cups because he’s the Starbucks fan. Another year, I got this round Hello Kitty ornament (because I LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty) and my husband, being the MAJOR Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan that he is, got a little hockey player with a Blackhawks jersey on. Pretty cute.

Obviously we are keeping it going this year but we haven’t picked our own ornaments yet but we did get one for our son! It’s a cute little moose that actually has his name on it!! I LOVE IT!! We also got our very first family ornament that has 3 deer on it (a father, mother and baby deer) and below has our names on it along with the year. My hubby and I are absolutely in love with it. So I am still deciding what ornament to have for myself this year. I saw this adorable one the other day at the Hallmark store – a soda cup and straw with a bag of popcorn. My hubby started laughing when he saw this because he knew I would love it since I’m such a movie buff. I’m really considering it but I don’t know if I am willing to spend $30 on an ornament. We will see.

We are pretty excited though when the day comes when Baby G can start picking his own ornaments. Better yet … when he starts MAKING his ornaments from school! I can’t wait for him to come home with arts and crafts from school so we can hang it on the tree!!

This isn’t really making cute little Christmas shaped cookies or anything. It’s baking my special dessert called “SEX IN A PAN”. Yes. Interesting name but it’s fucking delicious LOL. I only ever make it during the Christmas holidays so it drive everyone crazy when they see it on the table. I don’t have a huge pan either so the dessert is usually gone in a few minutes because everyone just grabs a slice as soon as it’s “dessert time”. It’s rare that I have a backup pan but if I’m in the mood I’ll make another one. Another infamous dessert I have are my “CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN TOP COOKIES”. I rarely ever get to make these either. They are exactly as they are named. They are not crunchy and dry. They are soft and moist as if you are eating the top part of a muffin (which is my favourite part haha).  They are a favourite with family and friends and I only tend to bake them when athere’s  special occasion. 


So hopefully we can continue our traditions as a family and maybe even create more traditions. I would love to have these traditions carry in for years and generations. 

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