About Site


Wickedful is currently hosted with Moni from IceGlow Hosting. This subdomain was started on October 13, 2013.

However, Wickedful has been alive for quite some time. I started my blog all the way back in 2008 or 2009 on blogspot. Eventually I was able to get my own domain through a friend and it was wickedful.org for about a year. As the term finished with namecheap, I went back to blogspot and ran there for another couple of years. I got a domain again since I won some namecheap credits and started wickedful.info. Eventually, I slowly neglected the blog because I got very busy but it stayed on until the domain expired. I stopped blogging for quite a while but went back to my blogspot account and stayed on there until I decided to start this particular subdomain with Moni.


Blogging for me is a sense of release.  This is an online memoir, if you will, filling up the blog with memories, feelings, events that I want to always remember and share with fellow bloggers who can relate or spark up more memories.  I also love taking pictures so it’s also like a photojournal too that way I can match up memories visually.  I have no definitive theme to what I blog about so it’s a mash of everything from work to school to my upcoming wedding to how I feel about my weight and exercising goals.  Anything is game here.


This layout features my one of my favourite quotes I that live through when it comes to my fiance because it describes me perfectly well. I actually had this layout a long long time ago with one of my domains but it was shortlived because I was very picky about my layouts. I decided to actually use this again because I realized how nice and pretty it actually is. Simple is nice and I really love the color scheme.