Welcome to Wickedful. I’m Lee, the little keeper of his little blog here. I am officially in my 30s and this blog is to just blog about my experiences in life here in Vancouver, BC, Canada whether it be ups or downs, documenting things along the way.

I am married. I got married on August 2014 and a magical day it was, being married to the love of my life. Now … we also have a little baby boy who I call Baby G. Our family is growing! We have another cutie little boy too; in the form of a teeny pug/shihtzu (PUGZU) dog named Tank.



  • I used to have a British accent, influenced by living in the Middle East but I have lost it. Although occasionally certain words get triggered
  • I am a huge Bruno Mars fan! I love Adele too.
  • I can speak a little  French. I wish I was fluent but maybe someday I will go back and study French again.
  • I HATE vegetables and am notoriously known for it.  I have to take vegetable powder supplements in shakes to make up for it.
  • People think I’m in my early 20s and sometimes get carded for many things.  They end up being very surprised to know that I’m past 30 years old.
  • I attended school for nursing for almost 2 years and decided to stop and change my career path because nursing just was not for me
  • I am a bit of an addict of online shopping
  • My food weakness is pizza.  Put it in front of me and I will eat the whole thing! Same with bubbletea! If I ever deny bubbletea, there is something wrong.